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On "Race" and Racism

I assume anyone bothering to come here is a Believer or close to it--so that's who I write for; to and from that perspective.  I'm not interested in wasting pearls on "swine".  (Hey--not my words. . . .)

Anyway, a note and reminder to those on the Path. . . .

Heads up:  Don't let the demonic, Marxist-Masonic (hey that rhymes!) NWO knuckleheads turn you into a racist.  As Believers we believe in one race.  The biological differences between "the races" are very superficial. . . . We have mostly the idiotic, unscientific, fairy tale theory of evolution to thank for modern times racist beliefs and practices.  Thanks again, Darwin (you racist knucklehead.)

What is painfully obvious is that the Satanic globalists are trying to pit race against race--to divide us for the easier conquering.  What makes certain people vile, socially degenerate, thugs and terrorists . . . is ideology, culture, not race. For instance, we are presently being shown many instances of (yes, real) dumb, black ill behavior and enforced double standards related thereto.  This is causing many whites and others, who really weren't "racist" before . . . to now start getting a real anger and resentment toward those shown in the street protests, "knock-out" games, crime reports etc.  The same thing is being done to "Arabs" where we are being shown constant (yes, real) instances of "Arabs" acting like deranged, murderous maniacs.  Of course, in both cases, the gate-keepers ("the media") and "official" pundits are always downplaying the cultural part of the equation, ie., "it's not Islam"  . . . "it's not the welfare state" so that the viewer is left to think, "well I guess then it's because they're black or Arab".

When in fact, it IS "Islam" . . . it is "the welfare state"--it IS the ideology, the culture that these malcontents are steeped in which is what drives their knucklehead behavior! 

The blacks in America . . . who have been fed a constant diet of anti-American, anti-white, Marxist agit-prop . . . behave and think quite differently than average, working-class blacks--especially Christian blacks--in . . . say Sudan . . . or Nigeria.  Like average, working-class people everywhere . . . they tend to be friendly, accommodating, gentle, sweet and nothing like the angry, ignorant, violent, brainwashed ghetto zombies who (thanks to American left-wing liberalism) populate America's big cities.  What is the difference?  Both are black. . . . The difference is the ideology and culture that they've been stewed in.  Thanks, "liberals". . . .

Same with the Arabs.  It is getting easier and easier to have a knee-jerk fear and resentment toward anyone looking like an Arab.  What we see is a "likely terrorist".  Is it because of their race?  Is their something in the Arab "race" that makes some of them act like screaming, incoherent, shrieking psychopaths?

I just finished a book a little while ago--a biography about C.M. Doughty--about the eccentric English poet, traveler who is credited with writing the first real, extensive, first-hand white-man look at the interior of Arabia in the late 1800s ("Arabia Deserta").  He preceded T.E. Lawrence. And indeed, while he nearly got killed several times by the radical (Arabian) Islamists he met . . . .who wanted to kill him simply for being a "Nasrany" (a Christian) . . . he was saved more times by the helpful, reliable, common desert Bedouins (also Arabian raced) by their culture of hospitality and "protection of the stranger".  It wasn't the Arab race--but the Arab culture/ideology that made the difference. 
                                            [one of the pashas from C.M. Doughty's travels]

I myself encountered serious, un-prejudiced, white southern hospitality when I lived in Tallahassee, much as I would expect to find in any part of the world, in any race, where the common, average, work-a-day people are left to their God-given, family-centered natures and where some delusional, megalomaniacal power-monger's ideology hasn't been crammed down their throats and into their brains for a generation or two.  You know what I mean. . . .

So, don't let the dastardly, Marxist-Jesuit-Monopolist NWO maniacs who control the media turn you into an uncritical, garden variety, knee-jerk racist.  It's a trick.  They are (quite obviously to any with half a brain) trying to divide and conquer us.  They are dicing up our common culture (in this case, our common Judeo-Christian, American culture.)  And for those who knee-jerk hate Jews, don't forget that the God of the universe WAS A JEW!  God chose the Jewish people first through whom to bring His Word.  The Holy Bible was mostly written by Jews, and I thank God for them.  Again, just because some very devious, demon-inspired individual men are also Jewish . . . who make up the inner cabal of the Marxist, Bankster, globalist NWO directorship--it is not because they are Jews.  They have a certain ideology, culture (Luciferian) which drives them and molds them to be the monsters they are.  And every race has representatives in the elite, demonic governing body.

Don't be a racist.  It's stupid.  It's what "they" want you to be--to forget that God created all the so-called races and He is no respecter of persons.  Since the New covenant, any man, woman of any race is equally entitled to the riches of Heaven, should they be adopted into His eternal family. 


"As a result of Darwinian evolution, many people started thinking in terms of the different people groups around the world representing different “races,” but within the context of evolutionary philosophy. This has resulted in many people today, consciously or unconsciously, having ingrained prejudices against certain other groups of people. . . .

Those working on mapping the human genome announced “that they had put together a draft of the entire sequence of the human genome, and the researchers had unanimously declared, there is only one race—the human race. . . .

Dr. Harold Page Freeman, chief executive, president, and director of surgery at North General Hospital in Manhattan, reiterates, “If you ask what percentage of your genes is reflected in your external appearance, the basis by which we talk about race, the answer seems to be in the range of 0.01 percent.”

In other words, the so-called “racial” differences are absolutely trivial— overall, there is more variation within any group than there is between one group and another. If a white person is looking for a tissue match for an organ transplant, for instance, the best match may come from a black person, and vice versa. ABC News claims, “What the facts show is that there are differences among us, but they stem from culture, not race.”

The Bible does not even use the word race in reference to people, but it does describe all human beings as being of “one blood” (Acts 17:26).

"At some future period not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes...will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest Allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as the baboon, instead of as now between the negroes or Australian and the gorilla." (1874, p. 178).   racist Chucky Darwin

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I only identify with one race and that race being the "human race".

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