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GOD is God; you're not.

Here's the thing, the big critical difference. . . . When Brent Metcalfe shouted at God and demanded He answer in such and such a way, when there seemed to be but silence in response, Brent decided, "Aha! That must mean there is no God, yay!"

When God did not conform to the ideal Brent had in mind for how God ought to be and behave, then the opportunity was taken to turn altogether from seeking Him.  Look to self instead.

This is classic idolatry.  Make an image of God in your own mind of what He should be like according to your personal predilections, then when God doesn't fit that model you claim He must not exist.  Then you fashion a god or an ideal which suits your particular wants and preferences . . . and focus (worship) that.  [Note here, the 1st commandment broken straight outta the gates!]

Now when I had my own moment of yelling at the sky, imploring God to give me some sign, some clue as to direction in order to find and serve Him (which was just one of many such incidents) it did not occur to me to think, "Well God, that was your chance to show me if you exist.  Since you leave me here in silence . . . I conclude you DON'T exist." 

There was no doubt in my mind that God existed.  I knew He did and does, as we all do.  I figured I just had to keep on keepin' on and perhaps one day He would reveal Himself . . . or not if He chose not to.  I thank God I never suffered such childish, unthinking hubris to think that God OWED me an answer, let alone an answer in the precise way I demanded it. . . . I did, however, believe the scripture that said "seek and ye shall find."

Generally what people want when they are seeking to "see" or "hear" from God . . . is a feeling.  Most spiritual rookie's mistake FEELING for Spirit.   The Mormon church especially, but virtually all false religions and cults determine that "assurance" or "spiritual experience" is based in a certain feeling.  The genuine Truth seeker learns that "feeling" is unreliable and highly susceptible to use as a tool of deception by those enemies who would thwart or capture.

Many ask God to reveal Himself, to show The Way.  Many get "silence" in response.  They get no FEELING.  The big difference, for example, again is this:  I did not base my continued pursuit of God, of Truth on this LACK of feeling.  I knew what we all know, that HE IS.  Which also shows, by the way, that regardless of getting "spiritual" feelings or not, we are yet accountable, because we already KNOW on some deep level that He exists.  His Word tells us so.

Nor did I question that is was and must always be His prerogative to answer me or not, when, how, if He ever did in the way I wanted.

Remaining in this position is what's so conducive to finally reaching the Truth because it is a position  of humility, of submitting.  God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud.  If you are prepared to soldier on, whether you "hear" from God or not, whether you get "spiritual" feelings or not, then you are showing that you recognize His sovereignty.  You are not pridefully (and oh so foolishly) demanding God respond in a particular way OR ELSE!  You are instead willing to wait, to persist in imploring, but accepting that He--being God--can and will do just what He wills to do and in the way He wants to do it.

A major pitfall is this (and it is the case with very many so-called "believers" who are really "false converts"):  That you make an idol in your mind of who God is, what He is like . . . and then you receive strong "spiritual" feelings surrounding this idol.  Which then confirms to you that you are really in relationship with Him.  You've got a testimony after all!  You've "felt" Him! 

Problem is, is that the Enemy well knows this weakness and tendency in the fallen human to mistake "feelings" for being "the Spirit".  The Spirit may or may not give you certain "spiritual" feelings, but this is not what you are to base your discernment upon.  The act of repentance ("metanoia") is a CHANGE OF MIND.  Perception of the Truth happens first in a mental assent, in acknowledging Jesus is Who He says He is.  Feeling follows thought.  It is usually a dangerous thing when thought is led around by feelings.  That is the path to self delusion and mind control used by superior thinkers with ill intent.

Now, life precedes it all.  Life precedes faith.  Faith does not come before life.  This another error that is common in those who are led astray.  That is, to believe that you must have faith first, before you can "see" or "hear" The Truth, The Answer.  But again, this leads to the route of self deception and trickery imposed by others.  It leads to pride; in fact it DERIVES from pride, from self love that is above love of God.

No, first come life.   God raises you from the dead--pulls you from the ranks of the living dead and thus causes you to be able to "see" and "hear".  He gives you life, changes your "heart of stone" to one of "flesh" . . . and from there you can at last exercise faith.  Finally, you can Believe! 

But looks how the rebellious fallen nature resists this.  Instantly, I can already hear, "wait . . . you mean GOD does it all?  Where is the part for ME to get some credit?  Are you saying it is up to GOD whether I am "alive" or not?  Whether I can exercise faith?  No way.  I don't think so.  First it is ME who has to be the one to want Him, seek Him.  I, I, I, I, I am the one who seeks and finds! I, I, I, I, I am the one who has the power of life and death, heaven or hell!"

But I digress. . . .

Again, the big difference between knuckleheads like Julianne Moore and Brent Metcalfe (nice, great guy that he is) and the one who "finds" God (putting aside the deeper fact that it is GOD who does the "finding") . . . is all in whether a person has an idol in their minds as to what, how, when etc., God should be and behave . . . versus the person who recognizes that God, being GOD, will be and behave just what, how, when etc., HE wills to.  "His will" not "thy" . . . be done.

Goats don't like it; sheep do.  Goats hate that God is God and they are not.  Sheep see the insanity of that attitude and submit to what the reality of the situation is, GOD is God.


Mark said...


otherwise known as the still quiet one.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother! The Word also says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. 9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways,And My thoughts than your thoughts." Isa 55:8-9

Which means that any real encounter with God must necessarily blow your mind. If it doesn't blow your mind; if it makes perfect sense and is aligned with your own preconceived notions, it likely isn't Him or from Him.


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