Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nothing & No One To Fear

Familiarity breeds . . . apathy . . . and negligence.  Who gets caught up in and upset by . . . the absurdities of the day?  Who thinks there are actual, legitimate "issues" being protested and debated, spontaneously erupted on the scene . . . in order to be addressed, redressed, solved . . . ?

Why, despite the anger and frustration of "the public"--in every town and country . . . against the "powers that be"--does nothing really change and the march towards a global Idiocracy continues unabated?

Because many don't know--or if they do know, they've forgotten and keep getting caught up in daily mind control--that . . . there is indeed a "New World Order" agenda standing above it all, manipulating, guiding, controlling . . . all the issues of the day.  People are not being allowed to "think" on their own, nor to analyze and reason; but instead everything is being devised and directed by a global cabal, "the elite", for the purpose of "one world government" ruled by the few in all things financial, political, cultural, artistic, philosophical, medical, and especially spiritual.

How is it possible that there can be such precise coordination and crafting toward this single agenda, the world over, in so many diverse countries and societies?  To the unimaginative (and thus, relatively unintelligent mind) this charge seems improbable, impossible even.  There are just too many moving parts; too many people to control and synchronize for such a "conspiracy theory" to really take place.

But such an opinion is the result of no education on the matter, and lack of understanding of the supernatural components which envelope it.

For those with the Eyes to See it, it is quite obvious that, above all, there is worldwide hatred and assault on Christian culture, beliefs, faith.  Jesus and the Bible are the main targets always.

When you realize that the Bible is true--and that it clearly describes and warns of the very situation we are presently in--then all things start to become clear.

And it is quite simple to then observe and comprehend.  An unseen, supernatural hand is particularly orchestrating the chaos and controls. . . .

There IS an evil, world-influencing demonic power and order which rules through the ancient, Satanic families and cabals, and has through the centuries.  They have had a plan for world domination since the Fall and have been putting it into place all along the way.  A New Satanic World Order is what we are witnessing being finalized . . . hence the constant, obvious assaults on all things Christian and Biblical and on Believers themselves, worldwide.

If it were not for the restraining Hand of God . . . the place would have been overrun long ago already.

But in all of this, the Lord has His supreme plan, and, although the fools of evil think that they actually have a shot at overcoming God's ultimate agenda with their own, those born of the Spirit of Truth--of the Holy Spirit--are not swayed or demoralized, nor frustrated with the onslaught of ubiquitous, vile degeneration.

The unfaithful dies a thousand deaths, the Believer only one--the dying to one's self.  So long as you are unsurrendered to the Lord, every shifting wind moves you--every threatened horror takes hold, and the Enemy is constantly seeking to distract you with such.

But the sold-out, purchased and owned by Christ . . . are impervious to trends and threats and the machinations of the insane, flopping-about living dead.   The demons and their willing subjects strain continuously in "science" to prolong their mortal stations.  But all in vain.  They each will stand before the creator and judge of their souls and receive their just due.

The Believer is already immortal and even now walks his or her steps into eternity.  All is vanity besides adoption and discipleship under the Master of the universe.

Just as Moses lifted up the fiery serpent on the staff, so that those who would look upon it would be preserved through all calamity . . . so is it that the elect look upon He Who was lifted up, and remain safe through all the storms, assaults and trials of this short but intense mortal life.

Let the din and the noise and the vain and spiritually incoherent mutterings of the Satanic rabble carry on around you.  Look always to Jesus--focus on Him, on His Word . . . FOR REAL!  Not haphazardly, not lazily, not distractedly, not with your own will manipulating meanings and interpretations to suit your secret egotistical dreams--but in full abandon, relying wholly on HIS righteousness and work to save you.

Then, the news of the day--the old, doomed agenda of the Satanic globalists rages about you as so much fruitless noise, a dire cacophony for them, but little more than the insensate babblings of a brook or tumbling rocks. . . .

If you truly trust Jesus . . . then all of this nonsense and blather should not touch you--should not sway or unbalance you.  Let the dead bury the dead, they have their reward.

Your reward is eternal life, perfected, holy, divinely glorious . . . in communion with your likewise perfected brothers and sisters of God's own family.  Praise God.  There is nothing and no one to fear.


Mark said...

the elite don't wan souls to think and gain the knowledge of the real truth or its game over.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You have truly been a voice that tears into the mind control in my own life and may the Lord continue to bless you and keep you in that endeavor!


Brother Thomas ©2015

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