Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Cosmic Christmas

There appear to be about 100 billion galaxies in the universe.  The largest known galaxy (IC1101) looks to be roughly 5.5 million light years wide . . . 50 Milky Way galaxies could fit across it.  It takes a purported 225 million years for our solar system to travel around the Milky Way.

The humongous star Betelgeuse is 950-1200 times bigger than the size of our sun.  About one-million, three-hundred-thousand (1,300,000) earths could fit into the size of our sun.

So . . . about 2,127,774,087,928,000 Earths could fit into Betelgeuse. That's 2 quadrillion.

Astounding . . . mind-blowing isn't it?

Meanwhile, you have about 10 trillion cells in your body.  If you stretched the DNA in all the cells out, end to end, they'd stretch over 744 million miles.  The sun is 93,000,000 miles distance from earth . . . so, put end to end your DNA could reach the sun and back about 4 times.

Monarch butterflies travel 3000 miles, migrating to Mexico for the winter.  The travelling butterfly never meets its parents but somehow manages to find its way to the same tree it parents and grandparents made it to.

And God, our Lord . . . SPOKE this all into existence.  And He deigned to be born among the lowly, in a dirty, animal grotto, amongst the beasts.  To take upon Himself the punishment we deserve for ignoring--nay--hating this very same astounding Creator. . . .

Merry Christmas!


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