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Small minds . . . narrow-minds, knee-jerk bigotry,  . . . myopic vision . . . unthinking prejudices . . . one-dimensional,  uncritical fundamentalism, unconscious traditionionalism, rigid legalism, humorlessness, apathetic indifference, lukewarmness . . . sociopathic narcissism, short-sided, literal, unimaginative, no curiosity, shallow, indifferent, complaining, eternal victimhood, parasitic, derivative, angling, opportunistic, calculating, jaundiced, jaded, petty, sectarian, subjectively self-absorbed, trite, clichéd, sophomoric, unoriginal. . . .

And I could go on. . . .

What I am describing?  Well, atheism, for one thing.  One of the more profound realizations I think I have ever had in my ongoing ponderances of the Almighty, and, more specifically the distinction between those who are open to and believe in His reality . . . versus those who remain skeptical and doubting . . . is that . . . it is largely a matter of imagination--the ability to comprehend in the mind and to visualize a broad number and various types of things, concepts, principles, meanings etc., . . . versus having a mind that is more one-dimensional, leaden, animalistic.

Surely a major difference, for instance, between a goat's mind and a human's . . . or any animal versus a human . . . is the inability of the one to imagine--to have in mind a number of different and contesting types of concepts, images, meanings, purposes, time frames, etc.,--and then reasoning about them to determine potential values and meanings. 

The way I see it, the ability to "imagine" and comprehend and to hold in mind a broad array of competing propositions and meanings . . . it what it means to be intelligent.  And it takes intelligence (of that kind) to believe in God.  The narrow mind, the myopic, the shallow etc., simply cannot "see" far enough to recognize the brute and consequential necessity that there MUST be a God for all of this (including transcendentals such as morality, justice, logic) to exist in the first place.

Ironically, having a healthy, broad imaginative power and ability is what actually syncs you up to reality--what shows you the reality of things.  The small- and more simple-minded reflexively accuse those who Believe as being "childish" or "immature" or prone to fantasy; but in fact, it is the other way around.  The unimaginative, who cannot conceive of more than just a couple of basic propositions or concepts, tend to project their own base subjectivity onto everything and everyone around them.  It is THEY who live in fantasy--the fantasy of the "real" the "natural" world.  They cannot comprehend more than just the basics of life--to eat, to hold territory, to compete and garner materialistic provisions, much like their similarly dumb, uninspired comrades--animals.

Now, there are degrees in all of this.  It is not black or white, imagination/intelligence versus NO imagination/intelligence. . . . And to that end, I will add something that probably might twerk certain types of people off (not around here but in more staid zones). . . but I believe it's true . . . and that is that I think this same ability to comprehend . . . via intelligent imagination is what gets a person to recognizing the likewise necessity of so-called "Reformed" theology.  Again, it would appear to some, in knee-jerk fashion, that "Calvinists" are more "rigid" . . . "narrow-minded" . . . "unimaginative" . . . but I find it is just the opposite.  And this is when I discovered the profundity of the importance of "imagination/intelligence" in comprehending God and truth . . . as I wondered why some people can "See" ie., the truth of Jesus and the Bible . . . where others, seemingly smart, simply can't . . . and likewise how some cannot "See" how it is that God MUST be sovereign over all.  It actually takes more "imagination" (not in a childish fantasizing way but in an analytical, Einsteinian, rationally penetrating way) to see that the so-called "Reformed" interpretation of Biblical truth (while not perfect) is the highest and best and most complete view of reality. . . . Another place I believe this general truth is shown, is for instance in the founding of America.  At least in principle, and in general operation for a while, I would easily say America was the greatest country in history that we know of.  The principles of "unalienable rights" . . . freedom of conscience . . . government of laws versus men . . . "self-evident truths" etc., mostly came 18th century Reformed "Calvinist" thinking.  The constitution, if you look at and analyze it, is wrought all through with Reformed understanding and concepts, and it is a historical fact that most of the more influential founders and related founding principles came straight out of the Reformation, especially of the Presbyterian/Reformed variety.  Yup.  Look it up..... :)

Whoah.... Anybody twerking at that.... heh....? Er, I mean tweaking......

Hmmmmm.... well, back in a dash.... God bless

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