Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If You Say You Do--Then DO!

. . . back in the mystic red rock plateaus . . . listening to Glenn Beck as the day gets underway. . . .

He is giving one of his typical (as of late) sermons, talking about wanting to be more empathetic--about all the pain people are in, especially this time of year.  Emotional, heartfelt stuff, as usual . . . and with the usual pleas, advice and attempts at comfort:  "We just need to trust one another" . . . "you're not alone" . . . "we need to be real humans and stop being cruel to each other" . . . . . . .

All vacuous, faux-soothing vapor.  Empty, powerless humanism--of the kind "Illuminati" pop songs are made of, ie., "just believe in yourself" . . . "live your dreams" . . . "all we need is love".

While it's true, in a Biblical sense "all we need is love", it is only helpful advice if we know that God is love . . . and thus what we really need is God.

"Trust one another"?  No.  Put your trust in no man, no woman.  That will lead only to more depression, frustration and finally ruin.  TRUST CHRIST!  THAT is what, Who to trust, and trust ALONE!

And guess what?  You ARE alone.  You came into this world alone, and you will leave alone, and you will face God alone to account for your life.  You may have a hundred friends on the ground, and 10,000 on Facebook . . . yet you are still alone.  UNLESS . . . you have God.  Then, and only then are you finally never alone.  The world can go mad, can all come against you or fade or explode away; but so long as you are indwelled by the Holy Spirit . . . you will never be alone again.  THAT is the message Glenn consistently fails to assert, as he looks from side to side, to himself, to his comrades, to his family, to his fans . . . for comfort.  Which he has plenty of, so it must seem like good advice, for in that sense, he is not alone . . . and thus, thoughtlessly, he projects that comfort onto his audience.

But what about those who really are alone?  Who have no one to "trust"?  Who have been used, abused, abandoned by family, friends, strangers?  Hearing humanistic claptrap like that only adds to the despair, for there seems to be no hope.


It is amazing how a person will turn to a million and one things . . . yet never turn to God.  It's always hope in something or someone else.  And it always fails.

Whenever there is fear . . . trepidation . . . anxiety . . . jealousy . . . insecurity . . . the answer is NEVER to look sideways for help and succor.  There is only ONE hope!  Do you trust God or not?

If you say you do, THEN DO!  I am sadly amused by so-called "believers" who fret . . . and panic . . . and covet . . . and compete . . . and live with so much on and off-again spates of anxious turmoil; for their state belies their professions.  Their condition tells on their testimony. . . .

If you say you believe in and trust God . . . THEN DO! believe in and trust God.  Not just when things are going your way.  Any humanist knucklehead can do that!  But when the chips are down--when the creek's rising and the moon's full--do what you can, then TRUST GOD, which ever way it goes. . . .

But here is what people do instead.  They say they trust God . . . until it looks like things might not go their way.  Then they pray, ask, cajole, barter, and would bribe God to have it go their way, assuming that if it doesn't, then God must not have been in it.

No, whether it goes "your way" or not . . . GOD IS ALWAYS IN IT!  If it goes another way, then you trust that God has His purposes . . . and they are perfect, good, holy, loving, just and intentional.

"Every man knows where his duty lies, but no man is smart enough to see the way to his best interests."  --Stanley Vestal, Jim Bridger biographer

God sees the BIG picture.  HE knows what is ultimately best for a person, so of course we should trust Him implicitly in ALL things!

. . . .Then Glenn went on to gush that he is the "luckiest man in the world" . . . because, ie., he has "good women in his life" . . . his wife, daughters, etc.

Which again, just goes to show that his head and his heart are not FIRST in the Lord, but in the sideways--in people.  "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  --Luke 6:45

First off, there is no "luck".  It's impossible to be lucky in a universe created and controlled by an absolutely sovereign God.  Attributing anything to "good luck" is but another slap in the face to He Who bestows all.  Any and every thing of good, of value, IS OF GOD!  Give GOD the glory!

Someone with God foremost in their mind and heart . . . always thinks of, thanks and praises God--even in casual conversation, or at least in thought--above every thing and every one else.  But where He takes second fiddle in one's soul, a hundred other things will get the accolades beforehand.

Do we call ourselves "believers"?  Do we claim God?  What kind of witness to His reality do we give the God hating world when we whine and complain and fret and pine and fear for ourselves or for anything?  The pagans can do that!  The atheists, the humanists, the idolaters hold that field well enough.

To be holy--to be after holiness--is to be apart . . . is to be set apart, other, different . . . unique in the world.  There should be a difference between the believing and those who deny.

Those who deny look to anything besides God!  Those who claim to "trust Jesus" . . . SHOULD, IN FACT and in act . . . TRUST JESUS!  Don't just SAY you do.  DO IT!

Amen?  Amen!

(p.s. Yeah . . . , I thought about adding a 4th "M" for Masonic . . . but . . . then I thought Mormonism is basically the same thing and has it covered--also "Mystery Cults" could be in there . . . but again, Mormonism is basically that as well, in a near perfected form . . . so I left it at that:)


Mark said...

Hey!.....Bro T's got the "food"

Good message.As you can see feeding the hopeless masses will become of great importance.

Straight to the tower of babble and the "ist's" and "ism's" or "the self".

A common mistake when a human creature starts "thinking" their special and gets all vested in the "self".

If Glenn Would get him-self out of the way he would see the glory of God.

17 So the Lord said to Moses, “I will also do this thing that you have spoken; for you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name.”

18 And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.”

Even Moses had to get him-self out of the way and put God first.Glenn is no exception.

Bon Bon said...

Amen, Brother ! --BB

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