Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Having Faith In Your Spiritual Destiny

He knows when you are sleeping, He knows when you're awake; He knows if you've been bad or good . . . and when you're good . . . it's for His sake!

And yours.  Thank God. . . .

If you ever feel alone, forgotten . . . always remember that He is there, HE IS HERE! . . . NOW!

And He loves you  more than you can understand.  It may seem like He is gone--or your mind will play tricks to have you believe that He is angry with you and shunning you.  But this is not the case.  If you are a parent you know what it is like to care for and love so deeply your child, yet at times because of that love . . . you have to hold back, not interfere. . . . The greatest good for the growth and development of your little loved one consists in sometimes you taking a "hands-off approach".  Because you love them so much and you, with your maturity, know that life is hard and the little one must develop--it is in their best interests on occasion that you seem to remain aloof and just watching from afar.  In fact, however, you are intimately concerned and observing closely and will step in if truly needed; but often, even though it may be misunderstood or misinterpreted as being uncaring . . . out of love you maintain the self discipline to let he or she stumble, recover, learn important lessons.  Much--I dare say MOST--of this life is like that as it happens with God's infinite love and care over OUR little lives--over HIS "little ones." 

And it is our faith that pleases our divine Father.  Indeed, it is impossible WITHOUT faith to please Him; for the one who finds Him must believe HE IS and that "He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."  --Heb. 11:6

All the frustration . . . all the disappointments . . . all of the loneliness and despair . . . all of that brooding deep sense of something being missing in this life . . . is but the innate, God designed longing to find and know Him.  Even to know Him intimately.

That certain emptiness and lurking anxiety which is always there, no matter what else happens or whatever else is achieved . . . is the proof that HE IS and that only HE can fill that void.  And He is present everywhere.  He is with you all of the time, and aware of you specifically and intimately, whether you are taking note of Him or not.

What He enjoys is when you stop . . . in the midst of life--amidst surviving, be it in contention or in repose when being entertained--that you recall His presence to your mind and heart.  Remember He is always there, always here . . . NOW! 

This moment . . . the moment to come . . . the one after that . . . and so on . . . forever.  He is there with a fatherly love and concern and intention for your best end.  He is here to see to it . . . that you WILL arrive . . . eventually . . . and perfectly . . . at the meeting place for your destiny.  Your destiny, designed by His sovereign will and creative hand . . . WILL FINALLY be perfectly achieved.  There is no doubt about it. His will WILL be done; none can stop it.  He is God; He is OUR God!

If you ever feel that His Spirit is far away or unconcerned with your little life . . . hurry up and put this blasphemous thought away.  This is a lie from the devil.  EVERY MOMENT His Spirit is watching over you and guiding down to the finest details exactly what He knows is best ultimately for your spiritual destiny!

YOU HAVE A SPIRITUAL DESTINY written in Heaven, by the Author of creation, and many small and presently seemingly insignificant parts play a role in the overarching holy scheme.  Nothing will be lost.  No thing . . . will be for nothing, whether you are aware of His continual love, care, guidance and presence or not. 

Relax in this knowledge.  Have faith in His goodness and interest in your unique, personal welfare.  If He has "stepped back" for a time . . . and seems to "just" be allowing this or that to occur to you, never forget that His "hands off" approach is just as "hands on" in its purpose as when He is operating blatantly and obviously. 

The over-doting, constantly interfering, controlling, manipulative parent or caretaker is not showing love when he or she exercises constant, ubiquitous engagement.  Rather, they are projecting their own agenda out of their selfishness, more concerned with what THEY are getting from the relationship and conforming it to THEIR personal goals and purposes, usually to the indiscriminate harm of the victim; but out of genuine love and concern for the subject . . . the selfless and Godly caretaker often has to stand back and gently guide with self restraint, to allow for inspiration, revelation, growth and maturity.

God, of course, is the perfect Master of all of this.  He has a vast and unfathomably complex creation and family He is loving over and guiding simultaneously (as it appears to us) and so, our specific needs are fit into all of the tapestry He is weaving, perfectly in their own designated place, which we can't see or understand from out limited, narrow viewpoint.

But this is where we can please Him.  By having and showing our FAITH that He has everything under His loving, masterful design and control. 

And any moment we desire, we can know, with that faith, that He is present . . . here . . . now . . . with and for us individually and collectively, whether His guiding hand is obvious to us or not.  He may be "hiding" or standing seemingly aloof, like the good parent does when keeping a caring, watchful eye over his or her child, letting them play, work, learn, live, grow, develop etc. but not "hovering" or stifling.   A good parent knows when to lay back . . . and when it's necessary to step in with a more active engagement, if that is what's called for . . . considering the best interests of the child or subject at the time.

Know this.  Have faith in this; that He is always present, loving and caring over every detail of your existence.  Nothing is insignificant or valueless in His divine plan--in His majestic, cosmic, material-spiritual tapestry. . . . Whether you can see it or not.  Whether you can see Him clearly at the moment or not.  He is there, He is here, NOW . . . working out your spiritual destiny so that it will finally reach beautiful, artful, wise, holy perfection.  Amen.

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