Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy "A Thousand Points Of Light"!...naw...

It is the air they breathe, without God.  The default position in those of the world is to celebrate the "light bringer" Lucifer--lauded as "the first rebel" by Saul Alinsky . . . and our city, Salt Lake City is loudly and giddily proclaiming its allegiance to fallen angel religion tonight as it rings in the New Year with "the largest disco ball in the world."

They call it "EVE" and from its inception I have always recognized the hidden motif of celebrating the mother of rebellion, Eve . . . who (according to occult tradition) defied the sovereign patriarch God, questioning His authority and setting humanity on the path of "illumination", "godhood" in its own right. . . .

Hence, the giant mirrored disco ball--which, in occultic significance, as it reflects the lights and lasers . . . represents "a thousand points of light" . . . as well as being a symbol of modern, pagan, Bacchanalian revelry.

They also use the term "Winterfest" throughout the media literature for tonight's "Eve" celebration, which has also become a premier chosen replacement for the holiday and term "Christmas"--officially so, for instance, now in the Britain. 

Humanism . . . which is blending into "transhumanism" . . . is the religion of the unbeliever; the power and ability of the human to overcome, to achieve immortality, become godlike of his or her own means.  Lol. 

While the fact is, he or she cannot take another simple breath unless God allows it. . . .

They use to set off fireworks on New Years here--a very American tradition.  But, ostensibly to combat "global warming" and go "green" . . . that fun, old tradition has now been replaced with the lowering of "the biggest disco ball in the world."  Way to go, Zion.  "Stay classy Salt Lake". . . . Lol.

We shant be attending the festivus tonight, even though Jackson's band is one of the featured musical acts.  Not because of all the annoying and pathetic pagan folderal--we are quite able to be "in the world" while not being "of" it.  It turns out to be more of a logistical problem.  And yes, it is with mixed feelings and concern that I am tracking with Jack's steady progress in the music business.  As most of you know . . . I myself got right up to the gates of entry but had to turn away as, at least my case, I saw too clearly the selling of the soul to proceed and I just wouldn't do it.  I don't believe, however, that every artist who "makes it" must sell out--God is ultimately in charge--but no doubt there are myriad threats and challenges along the way as one becomes more "successful."

Thankfully, discussion of such things--my own experience and decisions re "the world"--has been constant in our household as the boys grew up and they are each very well aware of the many pitfalls and tricks of the Adversary, and Jackson is no exception.  Though I do not belabor the issues when we fellowship, I am one to make the occasional side comment and subtle warnings when I see the opening . . . and from our scattered talks on ie., "the biz" . . . I know Jackson is being cautious and smart as he continues to navigate the mine field.  All in all, I trust God in everything and know that, however it all pans out, His will . . . will be done . . . perfectly.

Happy New Year.  I expect it to be a doozy. . . . Prepare accordingly:)


Anonymous said...

Hello Bro T-

It's been awhile, my friend and Brother in Christ. In it, not of it, yes.

I again dip my toe into to music business. Have been well aware for years. It CAN be a hindrance but as long as we all have our priorities straight.....

God bless you and yours. I'm certain Jackson has his straight as well although, at a younger age, the temptations can be quite alluring.

This should be an interesting year, my friend.


Mark said...

Genisis 1:4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God diuided the light from the darkness.

It turns out God created two lights when he seperated the light from the dark.A light and a darker light.

We are all created by God it just depends which God we serve.

There's God"the light" and God "the darker light".

The problem begins in church and how most souls are raised in religions and indoctrinated into serving God the darker.The majority in "church" are unaware.If these were aware that they have been decieved into serving the God the darker.

These usually are concerned in the self and their flesh

Brother Thomas ©2015

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