Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dreadful Anniversary

In dishonor of the sandyhook extravaganza anniversary . . . I just cut and pasted below a list that is on ol'glp listing just some of the many anomalies, oddities, contradictions, confusions, obfuscations etc., related to that ominous day..... There are a number of great video expose's on the whole thing... quite a charade they've pulled and portends much evil in the future--a la the coming "disclosure" of our "real" creators/gods. . . . . I may have to remove this though as I know at least once upon a time glp had software that would not let you re poste anything from their site.. a weird partying midget showed up instead, lol ... so if there's a midget below instead of the info... oops... and I will remove it asap....
In no particular order...

-Newtown Bee interview quoting the supposed Sandy Hook principle Dawn Hochsprung talking about the event taking place, yet she is said to be the first one that was killed

-Armed out of town SWAT officer found out back of the school with a recently fired assault rifle (said to be hunting), which is said to be arrested and placed in the FRONT of a police car and escorted off, never to be mentioned again

-Sandy Hook nurse Sally Cox found hiding in a closet of the school just feet away from the supposed police command center setup inside the school, yet isn't found until ~1:30pm (almost 4 hours after the school had been deemed secure by CT police)

-Sally Cox stating that she recognized the suspect as the son of one of the Sandy Hook teachers (cough Scott Vollmer)

-Reports stating Nancy Lanza worked at Sandy Hook Elementary as an active teacher, when she didn't

-Sandy Hook families given 24 hour police escorts/watch for months after the event took place, something that was never done before for any past events of this nature

-Complete lack of emotion from family members during interviews after the event (Robbie Parker you are the worst, but Carlee Soto you are a close 2nd!)

-Families creating donation pages the same morning as the event took place

-Lack of computer activity at Sandy Hook Elementary after 2010, only starting back up again a week prior to the shooting event in early December 2012

-Blatantly photoshopped images being used by top MSM sources (the Parker Family "my baby has no legs" one being one of the most blatant, but the Soto beach image & Soto class photo are pretty pathetic as well)

-Lack of suspect Adam Lanza from any/all Sandy Hook class pictures (as he is said too of attended the school in the past)

-Complete lack of evidence of a mass evacuation of hundreds of kids (all we have are a few images of 1 line of kids coming out the front of the school)

-Complete lack of blood associated with the event they tell us happened (400+ students evacuating a school with multiple locations of complete slaughter didn't track out a single footprint of blood? What about the girl was "hid under the bodies of her friends" and then is said to of ran out the back of the school towards the firehouse (yet isn't seen by anyone, and also didn't track out a single drop of blood?)

-Contradicting info about what weapons the suspect is said to have as well as which weapons were responsible for the actual murders, contradictions which lasted for literally weeks after the event took place (Carver saying AR did the killing, while most the news was parroting that only the pistols were used)

-2 EXTREMELY similar, YET different videos of police removing a gun from the suspects car in front of Sandy Hook later that night (one a shotgun, the other an AR)

-The black Honda parked in front of the school said to belong to the suspect Adam Lanza's mother, actually belongs to scumbag Chris Rodia, a criminal with a past MO of using mentally challenged to do petty crimes for him (this is written off by saying that Rodia was related to a separate traffic stop happening at the same time that happened to go over the same police channel as the Sandy Hook chatter, yet this is shown to be untrue as the license plate number they read off during this "unrelated incident" turns out matches the license plate of the car being towed from in front of Sandy Hook later that day)

-Contradicting eyewitness testimony from children said to of been in the gym at the time of the incident, which state that police came in, asked if the suspect was in there, told the kids to hide, and then ran off down the hall, moments later the power goes out and more shots are heard being fired (when the official story was "Adam" had already killed himself prior to police first entering the building)

-2 totally different accounts of how the event went down (one group includes a power out early in the event while the other group involves the power out happening at the end of the event, one group includes smoke while the other group doesn't, one group includes key locks (requiring a hero janitor) while the other group involves electric pass code locks (which stopped working due to the powerout), one group saying the event involved 2 suspects while the other group saying it involved 1 suspect, one group saying they heard the actual shooting happening while the other group only hears shooting over the PA system (and the list goes so on).

-After the event the students are moved to a magically vacant nearby school (Chalk Hill) which is then renamed to "Sandy Hook Elementary"

-After the event the original Sandy Hook school is locked down as a highly restricted crime scene, and remained locked down until after it was completely demolished a year later

-A supposed double murder the night before the Sandy Hook event (Dec 13, 2012) on the same street as Ryan Lanza lived, where it is said that a mother/farther were killed by their son in a home, an event that later turns out to not of happened (it is also interesting to note that to this day the caption of Ryan Lanza's arrest on basically every single MSM site out there states the date as Dec 13, 2014 and hasn't been corrected to this day)

-Adam Lanza's online SSDI death record states he died on Dec 13, 2014, a day before the event takes place (this was written off as an incorrectly entered online date, or inaccurate/untrusted online data, but a FOIA request that got a physical copy of the Statement of Death also states the death date as Dec 13, 2014)

-DHS child disaster response training (involving 30 parents & 30 children) taking place on the same day (Dec 14, 2014 9:00am-4:00pm) as the event just 10 minutes away from the school, scheduled to start at basically the same time as the Sandy Hook event is said to of initially started

-EMS school active shooter drill (Dec 14, 2014 9:30am+) going on in the next county over (Putnam) at the same time as the Sandy Hook event is taking place (Putnam EMS then called off the drill mid way when word of a real-world event taking place was received, but when they offered assistance to the real world event the CT police told them to turn back as the event was under control, even though at this early stage of the event, the situation was still said to be ongoing)

-Saint Rose of Lima school also holding a school active shooter drill later that day (which is still to this day denied even though photographic evidence has come out proving it happened)

-Video of Saint Rose of Lima school shown on multiple MSM outlets later that day, being raided by police, with the caption passing the raid off as being at Sandy Hook

-Multiple dark black robes found outside of the suspects car outside of the Sandy Hook school

-Multiple reports of a purple van with 2 men wearing masks & dark robes (dressed up like nuns), driving school to school that day (I have had multiple PM's from people in CT about this which have provided me a bit more info on this element which for the most part is never discussed...)

-Wacky Dr Wayne Carver stating the bodies were removed in the night using unorthodox vehicles to avoid detection

-Dr Carver months before the event helped changed the laws in CT, restricting public transparency into death records

-Complete lack of medical response to the victims involved in the event (as they were all basically declared dead within the first 8 minutes of the event)

-Standard FEMA staging area outside of Sandy Hook Elementary, with complete lack of panic in the responders actions (most of which are just standing around and chatting with each other)

-Giant signs by the Sandy Hook Firehouse stating all visitors must check-in (which is a standard protocol for an active exercise environment and is never done for real-world events)

-Gene Rosen and all the hilarity surrounding that joker and his multiple contradictions related to that day

-Complete lack of panic at the Sandy Hook Firehouse (especially from the kids, which seemed as calm as can be considering we are told some of their friends just minutes prior got brutally murdered)

-Unexplainable supplies at the Sandy Hook Firehouse that wouldn't normally be there without some prior planning (including mass bottled water, multiple port-a-potties (the company that provided them, when asked for details about the order, says they can't discuss it as the matter is deemed "classified") , and a large amount of Christmas trees out back of the firehouse which based on the official script were later said to of been donated in the days following the event to commemorate the victims of the shooting (so how were they at the firehouse the same morning as the event took place?)

-Adam's computer destroyed so badly that not a single bit of data is recoverable (which anyone in the field will tell you is not a simple thing to do... if you smashed your computer with a hammer into 100 pieces, put it in a bag and tossed it into the ocean, if recovered within a somewhat short period of time, most of the data would still be recoverable (at least many different fragments of data would be)).

--Destroying all evidence and threatening people who dispute the official story.

--FBI Crime Report lists 0 murders for Newtown, CT in 2012.

--The Strange Purchase date and price of Samdy Hook homes

--- "Everyone must check in" sign at the firehouse

- Port a potties and water at the firehouse

- Reporters interviewed an aunt afterwards and she stated, "There is one in every family - in their family, it's Ryan." No mention of Adam at all. Cannot locate this video anymore.

- At least one body found at Ryan's home in NJ reported. Ryan didn't keep to the script as he went to work that day. That clip seems to have disappeared as well.

- Photoshopped pic of Adam and his father on steps.

- Odd items in Adam's basement room - same glasses as Ryan, Ryan's ID, games with no way of playing them.

- Guns that supposedly were owned by mother were illegal in that state.

--1. Only two ambulances were called in the first half hour of the response, and even they weren't called for 5 minutes after the first 911 call.

2. No one kept the only route to the school clear.

3. By the time regional ambulances arrived, they couldn't access the school.

4. Officials decided in retrospect that the school parking lot had been "too dangerous" for ambulances, even though little kids and parents were hanging out in that same parking lot.

5. Danbury reported four patients from Newtown had been brought in by 10:25 a.m., even though CSP spokesman Vance said only three patients went to Danbury.

6. The Sandy Hook press secretary, Stephen Sedensky, said the last gunshot was fired at 9:40 a.m., even though multiple gunshots and people's reactions to those gunshots can be heard as late as 9:51 a.m.

7. Newtown police on scene didn't report two rooms full of injured victims for at least ten minutes after discovering them.



Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Good list for all the evidence of a massive hoax. Just glad that for the most part, it did not produce all the results they wanted.

And to add to the list of things that just don't add up to any kids being killed at Sandy Hook, is the 'in plain sight' appearance of many of those supposedly dead kids singing at the Super Bowl in 2013.

Blessings - Lee

Mark said...

The left is just more sloppy than the right.The idea is to pull off a deception/lie to manipulate a body/grouping of people.

When this event first happened I heard "gun control".Seeing that the lefties have got to get control of the guns to pull off the take over they need just events to sway the mind of the people to give up the guns.

The big event came from the masonic right in the form of the twin towers.

If one doesn't buy inot the event deception that one is labled"conspiracy theorists" when the theory is dead on(accurate) in some cases the therorit's pays with the life in exposing the deception/lie.

Eventually the liar and his minions will miss something for all eyes to see and their done!

The still quiet one told me long ago"I'll drag them all out into the light".

The left and the right all work for the father of lies.

I for one am ready to be rid of all the dead so life and living can carry on.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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