Sunday, November 30, 2014

"The Theory Of Everything"

There is a longing in the heart and a nagging at the back of the mind . . . for justice.  Related to this is what seems to be an innate yearning for equity, fairness.  Nearly all politics and governmental organization arises--ostensibly at least--to address such yearnings.

You crave some ultimate justice in and to this life. . . . You also crave peace and satisfaction within your soul.  There is also there a desire to live.  And to live and live and live. 

You want love, joy . . . ongoing deep, meaningful, intimate fellowship--sharing of life with others, or at least another. . . .

You are curious, exploring, adventurous . . . relishing the known and comfortable while thrilling at the new, surprising and challenging.  You want continuity packed with both general and nuanced context . . . and you are ever ready for something fresh, pleasantly disturbing and invigorating.

There is a gnawing un-ease, however, at present in the back of your mind and pacing the depths of your heart . . . as if somewhere, somehow you are missing a final piece to the puzzle, which, if found would make the picture complete.  On and on you search, looking to the intellect . . . then to sensuality . . . then to self-sacrifice--this way, that way, any and every way being searched out to provide the missing link, the lost piece, the "theory of everything" which will bring it all together.

Some take refuge in a kind of existential stoicism and gallows humor.  But this tack is empty and ultimately meaningless, which its adherents know but shrug off nonetheless.

Others simply run to obliteration of ennui through continual self-indulgence, blotting out the lurking dissatisfaction with noise, excess--bright lights, moving objects, raucous sound. . . . Constant intoxication of some sort masks the unanswered longings, but never does it fully satiate and ruin of mind and body is the pathetic end result.

What the human is missing, which cannot be corrected in any other way . . . is reconciliation with God.

What you long for, crave, search for in every person, thing and experience--is God.

And not just any God.  A made up divinity, constructed in the imagination, does not suffice.  That is merely another false prize--a sham.

No, what you desire in the depths of your being, which cannot be successfully replaced with anything or anyone else . . . is the one, true, living God.  Only He is capable of bringing the justice, the equity, the fellowship, the purpose, the peace, the love and joy . . . that you so desperately hunger and thirst for. . . .

Because He is real; because He IS . . . and because He made you for Himself . . . deep within you know this.  Your arguments and excuses to the contrary . . . are vain and weak and you know it.

All that you seek, in this or that enterprise . . . is solely found in the source and cause of your being, and it is--rather HE is--God.

HE is the "theory of everything".  Indeed, something has gone wrong in this world.  There was rebellion.  Reconciliation is now what is required; plus a judgment on all cases and a final putting to right.  This is what is yearned for . . . but never to be found except in the One Who Is That He Is.

It may seem fantastic, incredible, too pat, too neat of an answer.  But this take is simply the rebelling mind and spirit which yet wants to run and hide from what IS. 

Everything you are searching for. . . . All that you want and need . . . are found in the Person of Jesus Christ . . . Who is the embodiment of the Creator of the universe--Who is the great and holy I AM THAT I AM.

HE is The Answer.  HE is the "theory of everything", except that He is not a "theory".  He is . . . and is the source and cause of reality. 

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for their is the kingdom of heaven."

The full, the boastful, the independent, the self assured . . . will not, can not, inherit paradise.  They are too proud, too filled with self-justifying nonsense . . . to hear and submit to the Lord of Everything.  Pray that He humbles you--that you recognize your emptiness and utter need for His revelation. . . . .

Brother Thomas ©2015

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