Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pope Keeping Track of Demons?

....a quick note, followup related to my piece on the Pope.  While he has made a number of obviously very left-leaning, progressive and Biblically questionable statements . . . I find it interesting that he has brought about a bit of a resurgence in the matter of exorcisms.  From what I have heard he has sponsored some conferences on exorcism and has ordered up that the office and agents of the rite be expanded, himself referring to a greater time of demonic and Satanic influence. 

Now, if he is actually the anti-Christ spirit type of leader that he appears to be, and at the head of what many consider to be a type or the actual "whore of Babylon" false church/cult . . . it would not seem to make sense that he would be going after the demonic realm, fighting it as a good Christian ought.

But here is what I suspect.  For one thing, I know that many Catholic churches and officials are infested with the demonic and serve Satan outright.  Black masses are said on good authority to take place in the Vatican, with a devil-worshiping cabal well and long established there (Ft. Malachi Martin exposed what many suspected in his book "Windswept House" on this issue).

So, why would the Pope be so suddenly and oddly (to many of his more liberal acolytes) focused on exorcism and taking the fight to the devil in the cases of demonic oppression and possession?  Jesus even spoke of this referring to how it is not possible for the devil to work against himself, his cause in this way:  "A house divided against itself cannot stand"  --Mat. 3:25

I do observe that devil worship, witchcraft, occult practice is quite on the upswing, being promoted to children, teens and adults through movies, music, books, etc., and that it is becoming a pervasive, ubiquitous presence in our world today (which is why I have been studying more of the specifics related to it, thereby) . . . . .

A lot of foolish people are interacting with the spirits and inducing demonic influence on a widespread basis. . . . .

What I suspect is that the devil worshipers within the Catholic church, perhaps beginning with the Pope . . . are merely wanting to keep close tabs on event(s).  Through "exorcists" they are able to track down, record and monitor the activity of specific demonic powers and principalities, probably in preparation for THE antiChrist or any big-time anti-Christ actors in general.  What better way to keep tabs on the operations of the dark side (who, what, where etc., they are influencing/controlling) than to send in "exorcists" trained to identify and monitor them.  We know that demons are arranged in a type of military order and the big ones rule over definite regions and subjects . . . and so, if you are a practitioner of the dark arts, you get access to greater dark power through knowledge and communication with the "principalities of the air" . . . . . .

Anyway, that's what I think is probably going on with this........

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Mark said...

Just like American political parties

The humanist intellectual party(mans laws are above Gods laws)demoncrates left wing!

Or there is no God


The Lucifer is God masonic/morman crowd
The right wing!

Both are wings of a bird that will not fly......a zero sum game!

Both parties are of Satan And all that buy into polotics as usual are trapped in a delusion, the confusion, the deception,

Basically it's Satan(God) bless America.

I have tried to explain the antichrist but as usual I'm no expert on the matter.When one understands that there is but one Christ and the spirit then that one can stop hunting the antichrist.

Satan's really done a number with the word anti

In other words "I am antichrist"

Many will come in my name saying"I am"

Happy hunting the antichrist!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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