Sunday, November 9, 2014

Planetary Arrival Day

Well, 'twas the anniversary yesterday of my earth landing, Nov. 8. . . . Thank you to those who sent me a Happy Birthday note:)

Yeah, it was 1849 . . . I landed in a steam-punk airship, many moons ago, with its many fine hand-crafted Victorian appointments.  I alighted in a field, luckily, a few buttes over from Nella-Meda gold mining camp where the ol' diggers and carpet baggers there had recently been having problems with the natives . . . and the Toylona (the "giant person(s)).

I was able to use my wing pack and glided all the way to the giant cavern, near the Trinity River, roundabouts the mountain known there as the "Temple of Set".   Unfortunately, a guardian blocked my search for repast and shade at the mysterious place, where I merely wanted to have a look around, so I glided on my way to an old camp of Mangus Colorado's and found there some of his scouts who shared with me some excellent venison and a sage-spiced rabbit and root stew. . . . I gave them a New Testament in their own language, told them to stop torturing their captives, and traded one of them my fedora for a pair of buckskin knee-high moccasins.

Thence I took myself and my walking stick (which secretly harbored an air-compressor mini-projectile launcher--for use against possible brigands) . . . and made my way to a place I'd heard of--a new territory called "Deseret" up north . . . where word had it a new magic cult was getting established. . . .

But I digress.....
Thanks for the birthday nods:)

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated! Wondered if you have ever heard of cranio-sacral therapy? A couple I know well and dearly went through it and even had it done to their son by someone they described as having "powers." My wife and I were a bit freaked out by this description.

For instance, he said that she put her hand on his spine (his shirt was on) and it felt like she was moving her fingers around at a super-human speed. He asked her if she was moving her hand and she was not. We pointed out that if this did not come from Jesus, another spirit was animating her. She, his wife, said that "some people are just able to tap into energy in the universe." They are both Bible-believing Christians, but my Lord, I have not read anything Biblically about being able to "tap into energy" that is nondescript and/or without animating power behind it.

What say you about this?


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