Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Healing energies"

JC ... very interesting your comment re the "tapping into the energy of the universe" . . . . I want to address this as I have been generally ... seeing that many "Christians" are increasingly turning to metaphysical means for both their "spirituality" and things like healing.  As you noted....unless the energy is coming directly and via means of the Holy Spirit, Jesus--the one, true and living God--then there is definitely a problem.  A quite dangerous actually.  The "means" of accessing spirit and spiritual energy (so-called "universal energy" let's say) is everything!  There is no doubt all kinds of spiritual manifestations and "energies" out there and we know that Satan masquerades as an "angel of light" . . . which fools all to many . . . so discernment in these things is absolutely critical.  It sounds like a form of "prana" healing, which derives from the yogi's and gurus of India.  In all cases of what is simply, as I alerted earlier, "demonic healing" . . . it is never a positive ultimate outcome.  What is "given" or "healed" is always outweighed, sooner or later by a greater "taking".  The payment for the "cure" always outstrips the beneficial result.  Something WILL be taken by the demonic.  Another trick of the dark side energy healing is something you could call "transference"..... For instance, let's say a bad back is "healed" . . . or a stomach problem.  What happens is that the sick or hurt area is merely shifted to something else.  So, the stomach becomes better, but later, now headaches or a blood problem surface.  The "curse" or "dis-ease" is just moved to another place.  This is how "gypsies", witches, sorcerers etc. stay in business and keep and increase clientele.  Yes, there may be something like a miraculous "healing" in one case, but then something else or more things pop up which need ($) further attention and "healing" . . . .

In everything... the MEANS is all.  Who do you serve?  This is why, although Buddhism or Taoism or whatever . . . may have all kinds of "good" moral teachings and temporal "benefits" . . . unless the Lord is the source and means and center of it, it is sin ("missing the target"). . . . . . Thanks for mentioning this thing... :)

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