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Continuing the thread.....

Glad you could make it. . . . Through all the noise, the nonsense, frivolity, perversity, inanity, distraction, mis-direction, thought-grooming etc., that is available via the media . . . is it not at least in the direction of God-honoring to spend some time of a day looking at, considering, imbibing topics related to God, His Word, His character, and any aspects thereof involved with the truth of His reality?  Yes, it is!  Praise God. . . .

Okay . . . so continuing on with my most current assessment of the age-old "problem of evil" matter, I will here just give my general understanding of what's going on.  Basing my propositions solidly in scriptural authority is critically necessary to me, and so, I can support all I am suggesting with Biblical verses . . . and I can't I will make known if I have made a leap of speculation (though any speculation would also be tied to sound scriptural inference as well.)  I simply don't have the time right now to track down every verse which stands foundational to my premises, but trust me they are there and if anyone wanted such evidence, I could (and would be happy to) provide it.

With that said, let me just lay it out as I have come to see it.

The basic conundrum is . . . is that if one accepts (as I do) that God is absolutely sovereign over all His creation (including all creatures) how is it then that He must also not be the cause--the author--of evil/sin?  People horrified by this notion say that man has his own, independent free will which, by its own volition, chooses evil/sin.  God does not compel, cause the man to choose or do evil, the man does it on his own.

The problem with that, of course, is that the Bible records many instances where God does indeed cause certain men to do evil, usually as He uses them to mete out His judgment in some situation or to effect a larger plan He is accomplishing.  We have the examples of  Pharaoh . . . the Assyrians ("the rod of God's anger") . . . and, of course, the supreme example of all, how He used people like Judas, Pilate, the Pharisees et al, to commit the greatest crime of all time--the unjust trial and execution of the Son of God!

Furthermore, the fact that there is evil at all--that God created a world where such horrific suffering and acts of cruelty exist as they have, since the Garden--is part of the conundrum, or "problem of evil" as well.  Many ask, "if God is all powerful and good, why did He create a world where there is so much evil and suffering?  Couldn't He have just made a world that was perfect from the beginning and leave it at that?"

Well . . . and dagnabbit . . . I gotta go already and just barely got started.... but hopefully this is interesting enough to keep following the thread.  I'll be back with the way I see it asap.  Meantime, in the previous post I showed that so far we know that whatever the answer is, we can accept that God has a good, perfect, just, holy and even loving purpose behind making a creation and creatures as He has, so regardless of how we come down on the issue, we can have solace in that much!

Oy, back in a bit.... God bless:)


Anonymous said...


I thoroughly enjoy your musings on this "problem of evil," specifically, and theology, in general.

I wonder about what you have learned on your sojourn through life about how God's great grace changes the Christian pilgrim?


Mark said...

It really comes down to an idividual free will choice of which to serve.

The God of truth or the God of the lie.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is that this is all a thought experiment in God's mind. It isn't real. That it feels and seems so real is a testament to how very Great God is. He is absolutely sovereign; His mere spoken word brings things into existence. How He managed to create a world that feels so real, where it seems like we have free will, is unfathomable. Why did He create it? Why am I here in it? Will I ever understand?

I don't think any of that matters. The faith I have that He is in control, that nothing is ever out of His control, despite how it feels or looks, and that ultimately all of the pain will one day not even be in my own memory anymore, is the key to being able to see the matrix world for what it is and survive and be an overcomer in it.

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