Friday, November 28, 2014

Blast From The Primoridial Past

Wow.. a wonderful "blast from the past" just appeared!  Bob Lesh (he commented on my "singed" poem...
Mr. Lesh is/was one of the most thoughtful, interesting talk radio hosts that I've ever heard and had the pleasure to engage with.  He provided me an incredible platform back in the day from which to launch my biting conservative political satirical bits--"T-Ray: Regional Director of the NWO"..heh:)

I have thought of you often, Bob, wondering where YOUR genius eventuated to!  It was roughly in the period of 1990-92, 93? when Bob had a daily talk show on the local, great KTKK ("KTALK") AM630 radio station.  What I liked about Bob was that he was a thinker--an "original thinker", quite brilliant, soft spoken . . . but with a pleasantly biting wit and affinity to suss out more than the usual knee-jerk, unthinking reactions and sophomoric pov's on a given topic or controversy.  Honestly, what he did and what he allowed me to do for that brief but intense stint on "KTALK" was light years ahead (I believe) of anything going on on talk radio at the time.  Rush Limbaugh was just getting real big, and had his several (rather cheesy) production bits, ie., "Environmentalist Wacko Update" . . . but what we were doing was--I've thought many times since--has since turned out to be a whole, multi-million dollar satirical-infotainment genre with the likes of John Stewart, Steven Colbert, and to a lessor degree Mark Dice, Jesse Watters ("Watters World") in highlighting (as Jonathan Gruber would say "the stupidity of the American public").

I have actually thought of Bob recently with the Ferguson riots going on, as the "L.A. Riots" were happening, I believe at the same time or thereabouts when I was doing guest appearances on his show. 

Something that I've thought fondly of to this day . . . and with a grin . . . is how Lesh somehow made it happen at the station so that my faux, mocking campaign ads ran for days ("The choice is made:  "T-Ray IS your Regional Director for the New World Order") side -by-side against legitimate ads at the time for the likes of Orrin Hatch, Bob Bennett, Mike Leavitt for governor, Chris Cannon!   In fact, as soon as those knuckleheads put one of their ads on t.v. or radio, I would satirize their music and even their messages and create my own "T-Ray/NWO" ad.  As I heard through the grapevine later....?....indeed, it was the Bob Bennett campaign who didn't think it was too funny and they put heat on the station to finally knock me off the air.  But, haha, thanks to mischievous Lesh, it went on for quite a while. 

The main point of why I did what I did at the time, creating the NWO/T-Ray character . . . was to warn and basically show what I KNEW was coming down the road, in terms of the way that the media and the evil elite were going to be able (just like "T-Ray" did) to propose and mandate the most absurd, illogical, obviously treacherous/traitorous, dictatorial, WICKED even . . . political and cultural policies and mandates . . . and that . . . so long as done in a steady, calm, assuring voice, with media complicity . . . the abject asininity of it all would be swallowed like so much green jello.  I knew we were going into a communist/Marxist totalitarian state (designed/controlled by the super rich elite) and that it would look just about exactly what it looks like now.  I spotted the advent of the  environmentalist/"green" angle of social/economic global-totalitarian control . . . and the general hellish condition that we would be living in where logic, facts, truth, absolutes etc., would actually be considered "evils", where instead, ends-justifies-the-means relativism, irrational emotion, and mind-numbed, drugged and indoctrinated citizens would constitute the milieu of each and every day as we are marched steadily into mental, sensual, political, economic, spiritual, physical bondage.

It has been a mostly lonely walk, but I have always been grateful for Bob because most people didn't even know what I was talking about or getting at AND he also seemed to appreciate and get the somewhat dark and gallows humor I infused to the venture.  He was a perfect "straight" player in the bit and I've looked back and thought how great it was that we never really contrived anything together--didn't need to.  He trusted me enough to just invite me on the air for hours at a time, not knowing really what I was going to be doing and he expertly responded on the fly as we ended up riffing and doing spontaneous political-satire improv live on the air!  Lol.  WAAAAYYYY ahead of its time!!!  He also hired me to "soundscape" his own show where I was able to provide him with original bumper music themes and various audio zingers and blurbs--which again, nobody was doing and still even now just a few are, like Glenn Beck and a couple others.

Anyway... so much more I could say on all this.  Overall, its been just a tad melancholy and frustrating (not really though since becoming a Jesus Freak:) . . . as I've felt like someone who knew that was a train crash coming--knew the place and manner--and had to sit and watch it unfold just as expected with just a few to notice and discuss it with. . . . .

Creatively, I am still all dressed up with nowhere to go, heh.... I'm very sporadically working on some new music with the help of Jackson, one of my musical boys . . . which could possibly see the light of day some day.... and fleshing out a novel based on a 1800s Calvinist Cryptid-hunter who flies around in a steampunk airship. . . . and then always writing here about God, theology, "reformed" thought, heresies, occasional political/cultural commentary etc.--the stuff that REALLY matters!:)

I have long been curious what you've been up to and look forward to catching up if it can be.....
Thanks for finding me--curious how that happened as well...was it the "rioters and looters convention" blurb? Lol.  My oh my.... here we are.... where we get "democratic principles/executive orders" . . . "getting with the program" . . . "towards a bright and brave new fuuutuuurrrrre"....

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