Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Squatch Expositor

Here are some of my conclusions and theories on "Sasquatch" having delved into the subject for a while now as more and more information and reports have become available. . . .

First off, they are not the snugly, gentle giant, unicorns and rainbows furry-forest-friend that many wishful thinkers have made them out to be.

They are dangerous.  They are predators.  They have a short temper, are irritated easily and highly territorial. Many people (especially children) have gone missing in the National forests and wilderness areas over the decades and I believe a fair amount of these are due to Bigfoot.  They are drawn to children and especially babies crying.  While most cases of the missing are never solved (which the government covers up due to the fact the national parks bring in a lot of money and they don't want to scare the public away) I have heard of one case that appears quite well documented of an Indian baby girl that was taken and raised by the creatures.  She was later discovered, feral, by an Indian rancher and she was brought back to civilization and went on through schooling. 

But most often the missing are not found at all or their remains are found in strange faraway locations and a violent condition.  Squatches also will sometimes bury bodies--cover them with debris, bushes, rocks, logs. . . .

They seem to quite dislike dogs and will violently kill them when possible. 

They tend to follow elk and deer herds.  Deer and elk are a protein source, along with other game, chickens, hogs, rabbits.  They have been known to drain the animals of blood, remove the soft tissue, eyes, genitals.  Cattle "mutilations" may be in part or whole related to the Sasquatch.

The government is well aware of them and special ops teams are tasked sometimes with going into wilderness and camping areas to remove troublesome creatures who have become, like bears, accustomed to people and interacting, threatening or attacking them.   The ops will go in with choppers and sniper units, take the offending beast and its family, bag them and quickly take their bodies out of the area.  "Men in black" type officials will show up to discourage any witnesses to keep quiet or "convince" them the didn't really see what they thought they did.

Their vocalizations are very interesting.  They yip and yelp like monkey and chimps do.  They howl and bay.  Their deep, heavy, snarling growls seem to have almost a kind of low frequency-induced paralyzing effect on people.  They instantly cause immense fear and terror unlike anything experienced before.  They also do something fascinating called "samurai talk" or "chatter" which has been recorded and sounds pretty much exactly like a big Japanese samurai guy would sound if he were excitedly telling some story.  I suspect they have language.  The Indians have many stories of their elders and shamans dealing with them, teaching them things and learning their language.

The Indians have always warned, and current reports tend to verify . . . that if you come face to face with one of the beasts, it is best not to look into their eyes.  This can invoke attack and rage, similar to what occurs in other kinds of predatory animals.  Turning and running is also discouraged.

They do give warnings which should be heeded.  They knock on trees, on rocks, loudly.  They break branches and trees, huge and small.  They yip and howl.  They throw pebbles, sticks, rocks and boulders depending on the level of warning.  This generally means you have entered their territory, and if a family and/or young ones are there, they are especially threatening.

They have incredible strength and size, averaging from 6 to 10 feet tall, depending on the type.  Their appears to be 4 types which differ in size, head shape and color of fur.  Their noses also vary from more apelike to generally human.  They have no neck to speak of . . . and when turning their heads must move their whole upper body to look around.

They build nests which hikers and researches find.  They will live in caves, some of them deep into the ground and may be longtime experts navigating the underground tunnels and caverns that exist in some places.  Carefully arched branches or trees, deliberately made into a sort of triangle shape is also something they will make.

They employ ambush tactics, where one may be obviously approaching from the front while others are sneaking in from the back and sides.

They have amazing abilities to be stealthy, considering their size, ninja-like and they tend to hunt at night.  In some areas, such as Sam Houston National Forest in Texas, their population is growing . . . to the point that the government has put in senors and cameras in the camping areas to track their movements and activity.  They government does not want to alert the public to these things and goes to great length to keep it all hush-hush, but their various agents and agencies have been observed
appearing rapidly to locations where Sasquatch activity has been seen or encountered--"whisper copters" fly in and around the areas. . . .

They are reported all over the world, not just the Pacific Northwest, and are called by many names according to various histories and indigenous cultures.  

One fascinating account I have heard from a Navajo elder I think bares mentioning, because it is so cool to imagine if true . . . is that in some places they have borrowed a trick from the cliff-dwelling Anasazi Indians of the Southwest.  There have been (don't laugh) reports of "Batsquatch" . . . a flying Sasquatch of some kind.  The Navajo elder suspects what this is is related to what the old Anasazi shaman and warriors use to do . . . which was that they would get deer or elk hides . . . and dry them out in a certain process in the sun . . . until they were extremely stiff and tough, then fashion wings of them and strap them on to be able to glide down from their high cliff dwellings, similar to how people nowadays are doing much the same thing with modern flying "wingsuits". . . . The elder suspects that some of the Bigfoot have learned how to do this as well, and this explains those cases where the beasts have been seen to glide through the air from mountain and cliff tops!  Wouldn't that be something to see!

Anyway, that's my report.  I'm sure I forgot a few things. . . . Probably one of the more useful things to be gleaned from all this . . . I think is the many reports that show that people hiking with small children and/or babies should be especially careful, as their crying or loud playing, laughing does attract the furry people, for whatever reason (to kidnap and raise? or more likely as a curiosity and/or hors d'ouevre) . . . . . 

Heh . . . .
God bless:)


Anonymous said...

Hey Brother,

Interesting to see that piece of evidence, the "samurai chatter." These coverups interest me greatly, because it really gives an insight into the thinking of the established order. Very important information for me, as my wife and I hope to have children soon and will be moving to the Pacific Northwest in the near future. Normally, if something is mentioned in indigenous literature and/or tales across the entire world, that something most likely exists.

Where did you find the evidence? In these days of ever-shrinking pre-Commie takeover literature and website information, I would not even know where to begin. Thank you for being so diligent in your research, and I hope you will share your evidence base as a good starting point towards my own research.

Thanks again for being a leading light in the quest for Truth, unsullied by the many lies and deceits of the new order.


Mark said...

It's one the hardest things one will ever have to confess is to admit that one is decieved.

God bless

Brother Thomas ©2015

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