Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Proper Key To Unlock (spiritual) Power

A brief overview of the Way so far, as I've experienced it. . . .

In the beginning, it was an intense relief.  There was a fair amount of emotion involved, once I saw the Light--saw that Jesus alone IS "the way, the truth and the life."  Then there was a time of attack--the dark side, tag-along demons coming at me to terrify me and try to steer me away from pursuing the Lord and His Word.  That too was intense, but I was always able to find safety and protection in Him and eventually, it was as if they gave up and/or could no longer even get near me to harass me.

Then followed a season of the Spirit, where the presence and gifts of the Spirit seemed foremost.  This was a time of daily personal "relationship" more than, ie., understanding fully theology, doctrine, history of the Church and God's work through the ages.  It was a visionary time, a time of promptings, warnings, feelings.

After that, a hunger for correct principles, teachings, doctrine, theology--more of an intellectual fleshing out of precious truths and history.  I believe this is important for a further indwelling and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, for this makes the channels straight--a narrowing that the power can be more concentrated and perfected in its course.  It also helps to put up parameters, and a framework of truth so that errors can be avoided.  Correct doctrine/theology--while IT doesn't save, Jesus does--is like the tumblers of a lock that opens on to greater revelation, better understanding, and, I believe more power within grace.  When you have faulty ideas of how God actually operates and what His character is actually like, inserting your own ideas and temperament (wishes) into the interpretation, it is like leaving certain pins in the lock in a closed position, so that the key doesn't work to open the way.  You can force the key, and sadly, many do, and break the lock, which then leaves a distorted version and way . . . though you may yet be entering.  But it is better to have the right key and get all the pins to open properly, easily with the way not so distorted.  I believe, and am currently experiencing . . . that the more correct understanding I have of God's ways and teachings/revelation (loosely denoted as "doctrine") . . . the more the way or channel or opening is CLEAR of obstruction . . . and the more perfectly the Spirit finds His place to rest and inhabit.  As in, if there are false ideas, heresies lingering, fantasies built from self-seeking and egotistical wishing/fearing . . . this leaves barriers, crags, obstacles, abrasions etc., within "the temple" so that the Spirit must work in and around that, which diminishes or alters (I dare say corrupts to some degree) the power and light He brings to the life (to my being, my living mortal soul life).

Also, a paradox is happening, where, the more convinced and convicted and certain I am of God's ABSOLUTE sovereignty in ALL things, including my "choice" to pursue Him . . . including any good or righteous decisions/actions I make in life . . . THE MORE I am finding the importance of my own personal freedom and cooperative effort to be involved.  As in, the more I have completely acknowledged God's will in all things, including my being saved, my ability to get saved--the more I attribute any and all good results to HIS will and power (not mine) . . . and the more I recognize that I am utterly dependent on HIM for EVERYTHING! . . . the more I am finding the importance of my own part in spiritual progression (sanctification process.)  The more I have died . . . to myself . . . the more I AM myself!  It's quite the wonderful paradox. 

The more I have become convinced and actually live out the monergistic theological point-of-view  . . . the more I am finding my (authentic and increasingly purified) synergistic role.

[monergism: the doctrine that the Holy Ghost acts independently of the human will in the work of regeneration.
synergism: the doctrine that the human will cooperates with the Holy Ghost in the work of regeneration.]

But this thrilling power (spiritual power) involved in synergism . . . I'm finding should indeed only FOLLOW first a thorough and soul deep acceptance first of God's sovereignty and supreme will in ALL things.  If there is a shred of the synergistic idea beforehand, I fear that is a tumbler--a pin in the lock--which makes an unauthorized opening for the Enemy to enter and be able hook on to subtle pride and spiritual egotism.  

Now . . . all of this . . . turns out to be a preamble to something I was strongly led to address yesterday but wasn't able to.  This is but the foundation for something I want to share and show you regarding how . . . to gain spiritual power--conquering, victorious spiritual power . . . imbued with the Spirit's "supernatural" presence and power . . . personally. . . . It is something that is going to become increasingly important and necessary going into the coming days of more overt persecution in these lands.  There are some practical things that can be done, to . . . so-to-speak . . . "strengthen" the means of grace  Again, there is some paradox involved here, as we know that grace is grace.  You don't earn it or warrant it.  BUT, within and after the understanding and knowledge of God's complete sovereignty . . . there is a realm of individual action and will, that operates AS IF it were somewhat independent.  It's not, but it seems like and to move forward, you find that act as if it is, never forgetting the prior and primary truth of God's sovereignty over all.

Anyway, gotta go hobble/work, heh . . . but back with more in a bit... God bless.... 


Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Thank you! Clarifying, hopeful and glorifying...

Blessings to you on your continued healing and provision.
- Lee

Mark said...

Exodus 33:3 Unto a land flowing with milk and honey: for I will not go up in the midst of thee; for thou art a stiffnecked people: lest I consume thee in the way.

I'm not much on bible code but a number of years back as I was comming into knowledge of the heavener rune stone and exodus 33 some one had run a bible code on the stone and one word that came back on the stone was the word"key".

As I have learned over time that this stone is "key" to comming to know the mystery witch is Jesus Christ or"the rock".

Like it says in Exodus 33 verse 3 I was "consumed in the THE WAY".One may say taken in,consumed with,or accended in,or raptured in the knowing of Jesus Christ/God/the way.

My hope is that all human beings are "consumed in the way"

God bless

Mark said...

Oh,exodus33:3 is the only place in an old testement book that mentions "the way".

So the old test peoples namely the Jewish peoples can be consumed in "the way".

Besides it's a trinity of 3's and is of the holy spirit.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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