Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"The Hairy People"

When I was about 6 to 7 years old . . . we lived near the entrance to Emigration Canyon, which is the canyon that Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers came down and out of to see the big valley that would become Salt Lake City.  It was a very mystical and often spooky time for me living in that area, along the foothills . . . where many odd and apparently supernatural/occult things caught my attention.  Part of all that seemed to be the house we lived in. . . .

Anyway, one of the memories I have from that time was being aware of Bigfoot.  I don't recall how I knew of the creature, but I was fascinated by the subject . . . and was convinced that one of them lived up in the canyon, above the zoo (which was right at the mouth of the canyon)  . . . and that I was in some sort of mental communication with the beast. 

I recall falling asleep at night praying that Bigfoot would not come down out of the mountains and take me away.  To my mind he was not a "friendly forest giant" . . . but a dangerous, somewhat malevolent creature that was not above attacking and killing.

For years afterwards, as I loosely followed the subject of Bigfoot . . . I recall being slightly confused and even a little embarrassed that my early conception of him involved so much fear . . . that he was not the "gentle giant" . . . but instead a scary, dangerous monster of sorts.

It has only been over the past year or so, as I have returned to do a bit of further study on the creature . . . that I find my initial sense of the creature . . . was more correct.

Yes, I am . . . and have long . . . had an interest in "crytpids", and especially "Bigfoot".  Really, I have never doubted that their existence.  I have posited my theory here and they that they are  a type of creature which has shown up through history . . . such as in the demi-god "Hanuman" of Hindu spiritual literature.

To vary and "lighten up" in a sense . . . my ongoing spiritual and theological studies, I also like to look into fringe subjects and developments, as I believe these are all related.  I love history as well and the study of various "indigenous" cultures the world over.

For about the past year and half, as one of these side studies . . . I have been looking at the Bigfoot phenomenon.  NOT the silly (and I believed deliberately mis-directing) shows on cable television, but studies by authentic researchers who use the scientific method and treat the topic with the respect it deserves.

I have no doubt that Bigfoot is real.  And that there are many of them in nearly all wild regions.  In my next post I will give a quick rundown, fwiw, of some conclusions and overall descriptions of the creatures that I have come to . . . .  . . .

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