Friday, October 31, 2014

Devil's Day Pep Talk

I'm generally "reformed" in my theology/soteriology. . . . I believe in something like a divine determinism or "compatibilism".  With that said, where I see the sovereignty and divine perfect will of God in everything and working all things to His purposes--all to His glory . . . I have mentioned that I am finding, paradoxically, the greatest freedom and importance of individual effort and will.

A truly born-again, Spirit-led and filled Christian is a supernatural being.  The Spirit and powerful angelic being guide and guard such a person.  When witchcraft or demonic entities or agents attempt to come against such a one, they are powerless.  They will go find easier pickings.  Many a demonic imp has been sent by some warlock or witch to go harass or destroy some Christian, Christian family, or believing Spirit-filled church . . . and has returned frustrated and even frightened, saying, "I cannot do anything against them.  They are protected.  My curses, my powers are impotent against them."

But there are so-called "Christians" and churches that are not so protected.  These, the agents of Satan infiltrate and cause much damage and trouble.  Indeed, there are churches, cathedrals, synagogues and all sorts of purported "holy houses" or "houses of god" that are nothing of the sort, but are infested with deceivers and outright Satanists posing as "believers", spying, destroying from within.  Oh, they "believe" . . . and serve their "master" . . . but it is belief in and service to the Evil One--that is their "master".

But the Holy Spirit-born and filled Christian is more powerful than they all.  The true Believer does not operate by and through the flesh, which is what the devil works through and enslaves.  The Believer is of Spirit, which is superior.  Spiritual power is like a citadel of blazing light and purifying, holy radiation which hurts and thwarts the approachings of the wicked agent's devious intents.

But to be in this position of power, the Believer must be getting away from sin, making effort to be holy, righteous.  A spirit of humility, repentance, service to the will of God . . . must take precedence over just bumbling along, lackadaisically, lukewarm, believing yet continuing carnal in the faith.

A true Believer starts to abhor their own sin and effrontery to blessed, holy God.  They strive for correction, for the strait and narrow path. . . . They turn away from their carnal nature.  Disgusting, filthy habits (lying, pornography, stealing, lusting, pride, self-assertion, vanity, covetousness, drunkenness, money-loving, fame-seeking, drug-taking etc.) are abhorred in oneself and the move is on to get free of all the taint of the fallen, sinful nature.  No, we shall not see full perfection until brought into glorified, resurrected bodies, within the safe haven of the Lord's protected Kingdom, but the road to that glory and place beings NOW, right in the face of the devil's doomed reign,--right in the face of his agents and legions, for the God-fearing, sold-out to Christ, born again disciple of Jesus Ha Mashiah is at once a SPIRITUAL, supernatural being . . . who yet walks the lowly, fallen earth . . . an ambassador of THE Light, THE Life, THE Truth, THE Way to life perfect, holy, eternal.

The devils tremble and run from such a one.

But you cannot be such a one continuing half-hearted, carnal, persistently willfully sinning, wallowing in sleaze and deception and the ways of living dead.

You, if you are such a one, are an ambassador, a representative, a servant and heir to the ONE, TRUE, LIVING GOD of all that was, is and is to come.  Holy, holy, holy!


Mark said...


My spirit used to be lead by my flesh.Now that I have died to the flesh self my flesh is now lead by the holy spirit!

good word!

Lee in TN said...

Important. Thank you!

Blessings - Lee

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