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Crytpid Addendum

Thanks JC for the nice comments.  And I am very glad this is of interest, especially knowing you are headed for Pacific Northwest.

A couple of other notes I forgot to mention. . . . Some have mostly squared off teeth while other types have long canines like gorillas and baboons.  Their colors range from blackish . . . to brownish black, grayish and reddish.  While the average height seems around 7-9 feet, they have been reported up to 12 feet tall.  Their shoulders are incredibly broad and massive, often reported around 5 feet wide.

I mentioned the paralyzing, mesmerizing effect caused by some of the vocalizations they make.  This is called "infrasound" (see excerpt below) and has been recognized in tigers and other big cats.  They also mimic other forest animals, such as the chirping of certain birds and hoots of owls.

The infrasound element is pretty scary.  If you haven't, I would look into the "411" missing persons books and interviews.  Some of the strange missing people reports (I believe) are undoubtedly due to Sasquatch.  One of the odd elements in some of the missing persons, when their bodies ARE found . . . is that they are without their clothes.  Sometimes their clothes are neatly folded and stacked in a separate location or the clothes are scattered or may be high up in a tree not necessarily near the body.  In a recent report by a professional mountain biker, he said that while riding, he suddenly felt the urge to stop . . . and thought he heard the comforting sound of running water, as if a brook were nearby.  Next, he felt the urge to unstrip . . . and began to . . . even though it was almost freezing and this was a totally uncharacteristic thing for him to do.  His cohorts came upon him and he snapped out of it . . . but it would appear (from further evidence he noticed) that one of the creatures had used low frequency infrasound to mesmerize him . . . probably in preparation for his capture.  This may explain all of the unusual missing person stories where the naked bodies are found and clothes are either never found or located some unusual place separate. . . .

You asked about references. . . . There are a lot of nonsense and sensationalist sites covering the subject--a lot of hoaxes and frauds (ie., Todd Standing, Rick Dyer) . . . and I personally believe the Finding Bigfoot type shows on cable are designed to misdirect and actually discredit the subject, I have found a couple of resources that I do trust and seem quite genuine and careful in their research and experience of the subject.

The best of these is the podcast

I suspect once you check into these you will be going through all their back episodes.  It is a great show and the hosts are very down to earth and treat the matter with the caution, discernment, yet thrill that it deserves.

Another is

Also, I really J.C. Johnson and his work with Chief Leonard Dan, where they research the Four Corners region down below my neck of the woods.  That is where my grandfather and great grandfather use to run cattle. . . .

JC's stuff is quite incredible, but I like his approach and it all sort of reminds me of the fun, mysterious-cool book written of that spooky desert area by Louis  L'amour  "The Haunted Mesa" . . . roadside diners . . . pre-dawn coffee and bacon . . . empty two-lane highways . . . the twilight starry cold skies . . . red desert all around. . . . heh.......

Anyway . . . those are my main go to's to stay current on the subject and from where I have learned the most.....

God bless ya,
and Lee, I do hope to get to that stuff on the Pope.  Have been noticing HIS spooky declarations for a while .... very telling......


["The research will not surprise military scientists, long aware of the potential of infrasound as a weapon. Several devices that can stun advancing troops with a shockwave of low-frequency sound are being developed."     
 A tiger's roar is so intimidating that it has the power to paralyse animals and humans within earshot - a phenomenon that has, until now, baffled researchers.    
  Scientists at the Fauna Communication Research Institute in North Carolina have discovered that the tiger's secret is its ability to make very low-frequency sounds that any prey will feel, in addition to the threatening rumble that is usually the last thing a victim hears.    
  Researchers have been working in the field of bio-acoustics, studying the frequency, pitch, loudness and duration of animal sounds in order to understand animal behaviour. They have established that the tiger emits low-pitched "infrasound", a growl so deep that it is inaudible to humans. All big cats have this skill, although to a lesser extent than the tiger. . . . ]

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Anonymous said...

It's incredible. The kind of nonsense that students are forced to learn under Commie Core, if there is any science allowed to be learned at all, comes nowhere near the thrill and amazing nature of reality.

This stuff would amaze children at a deep level.

As a teacher, these are the things I think about.


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