Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back To Base, Stay On Base!

Get back to base--stay on base.

I believe, along with many others, that God has taken his protection from America.  She is reaping now her rebellious flaunting of God's laws and she is a great source of many evils promoted within and distributed abroad.  The abandonment of Christian education, the active promotion of abortion (baby torture/murder) and sexual perversion and the spreading of war, disease and humanism . . . are now taking toll.  On top of this, I believe those in power are waging a deliberate, strategic war against authentic Christianity and Christian people worldwide with a basic cabal of Marxists, Islamic militants, Rome, "self-hating" secular Jewry and Satanic/occultic globalist elitists.

One "blessing" in this is that it makes the divisions clear.  It is actually a more dangerous time and situation when the world is running fairly smoothly, with general "prosperity" . . . as it becomes all too easy for the believer to succumb to a gentle drifting away from the Gospel and fall into the comfort of the general flow of Godless materialism (which is often disguised in prosperity/works false religion.) 

In any case, the test is roughly the same.  Has your mind and heart (your soul) shifted from focusing on God to focusing solely on your temporal (worldly) circumstances?  Has your present comfort and security taken precedence over your ETERNAL comfort and security?

The devil will use anything (except the full truth) to draw your attention away from what should be the sole purpose of your life.  Yes, we must pay attention to present details and matters of corporeal survival.  Yes, we are suppose to have our "head in the game"--to be "in the world"--to be rendering what's due to Caesar . . . to Caesar.  BUT, we are not to ONLY have our "head in the game", "be in the world", "render to Caesar".  Those things are incidentals, tertiary.

Above all, our purpose here is to glorify God.  And we do that by constantly remembering the sacrifice of the Son on our behalf, that we may have ETERNAL life (not just this life) enjoying and glorifying the Lord, showing our gratitude and joy in cheerfully obeying His will and laws, exhibiting an un-earthly peace and confidence that counters present dire conditions.

Death comes to one and all here, and it appears that we are entering a "season of death" where many may be taken before their "natural" time.  Whether this life is short or long, at the end of it, the question will be the same.  Who did you serve?  You do not want to be caught at that moment realizing with sudden horror and regret . . . that you spent most of your time concerned for your temporal (worldly) self, amassing possessions, security, legacy. . . . All of which shall be swept away in an instant, worthless in the world to come.  Or that you served other "masters" who benefited you in this world but have no power in the hereafter.

An eye and a heart and mind LOOKING to the reward of the "afterlife" has always distinguished the children of God, compared to the haters of God who are only concerned with rewards in THIS life.

Faith--real, living faith--in the promises of God's Word, distinguishes God's people from those who serve the god of this fallen, rebel world.  They doubt God, question His wisdom and goodness, and so hedge their bets by serving other entities who are able to make a big show now . . . but who will prove to be vile, pernicious deceivers when all is revealed.

As the frightening events continue to amass, on all sides, in person, in the news, projected in all directions, it is critical to remain close in sentiment and purpose to the Person of Jesus, our Shepard in times of trouble.  Not just consider Him quickly or intellectually . . . but actually go to Him intensely, imploringly with a regular, steady prayerful spirit.  Recall what He did, as a man, suffering incalculably in our place--the blaspheming, the abuse, the injustice, the cruelty of what He undertook, making Himself the lowest, out of real love and service, in our stead. 

While all the shocking, horrific stories and images flash, day-to-day, with their urgency and modern-times motif--do not be led astray to abandon the well-worn, time-honored and Spirit-filled (seemingly quaint and oft-mocked) stories, instructions, parables and prophecies so graciously given us in the one, GOOD Book. 

Whenever you start to get that feeling, that sense of agitation and un-ease . . . of things being "out of control" . . . of the oppression of the obviously insane and mad days we are in the midst of . . . GET BACK TO BASE!  STAY ON BASE!  Get back to The Rock of Salvation--the ONE AND ONLY answer to EVERYTHING that is currently threatening.  Remember the big picture.  It is not about "saving America" . . . "making the world a better place" . . . "family" . . . "job security" . . . "good health". . . . Those things are included, but are not the "big picture".

Remember . . . the "big picture" is . . . that we live in a fallen world, are born rebels, and would all be due the just wrath of God, except that Jesus came and redeemed us . . . so that we will be saved from certain destruction . . . in order to live in the presence of God, as His heirs, perfected and glorified FOREVER!

THAT is the Good News which defeats ALLthe treacherous and depressing news we are now facing daily otherwise. . . . There IS no hope . . . outside of the historical fact of the life and mission of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah!  Everything--EVERYTHING else is vanity and mis-direction from the Enemy.

Back to base, stay on base.  The base is the Lord and the Gospel.  Everything outside of that/Him is empty noise and vanity.

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Lee in TN said...

Amen Bro T! Keep your eyes and heart on Jesus and His Word and Kingdom.

Too easy to get distracted by the world and the news....

Blessings and prayers for healing- Lee

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