Saturday, September 13, 2014

WTT note and some truly Clear Water

Quick note... There exists a different version of the Westward the Tide performance where they focused much more on the band singing... I will try to get it up or provide the link to it... Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words re that:)

To dwell on the past simply causes failure in the present. While you are sitting down and bemoaning the past and regretting all the things you have not done, you are crippling yourself and preventing yourself from working in the present. Is that Christianity? Of course it is not.

The tragedy is that many of us are living desperate Christian life. Sunday comes and we get some strength, and then we lose some on Monday; a good deal is gone by Tuesday and we wonder whether we have anything left. On Wednesday it has all gone and then we exist. Or perhaps refreshment comes in some other way, some meeting we attend, some friends we meet. Now that is the old order of things, that is not the new. He puts a well within us. We are not always drawing from somewhere outside. The well, the spring, goes on springing up from within into everlasting life.

A depressed Christian is a contradiction in terms, and he is a very poor recommendation for the gospel. Nothing is more important, therefore, than that we should be delivered from a condition which gives other people, looking at us, the impression that to be a Christian means to be unhappy, to be sad, to be morbid, and that the Christian is one who "scorns delights and lives laborious days."

There is something essentially wrong with a man who calls himself a Christian and who can listen to a truly evangelistic sermon without coming under conviction again, without feeling something of his own unworthiness, and rejoicing when he hears the Gospel remedy being presented.

quotes c/o  of Martin Lloyd Jones (His sermons are great, btw, whenever you need the clear, cold splash of Gospel water thrown in your face:) God bless

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Mark said...

Its not about the people on the "inherited land" but the crimes committed against the innocent because of the liar past,present, or future.Idolized in song and monument.

We are all part of Israel and Israel is instructed in scripture that these places and idols are to be taken down if not in the physical realm at least in the spirit.The truth in history maybe a painful wound but wounds do heal and souls tear down false idols in there minds and leave the religions of the liar god in search of the God of truth! The truth about911 and its history on the land heals.

As a non-church going christian am doing as instructed in scripture to remove the false idols in the minds.
For they also built for themselves high places and sacred pillars and Asherim on every high hill and beneath every luxuriant tree. There were also male cult prostitutes in the land. They did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD dispossessed before the sons of Israel

Here is more scripture on the matter

"That rock" is also the proporty marker for the "inherited land"
Far from depressed

If you could only understand how many times I have tried to walk away.

The God of truth returns soon!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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