Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Souvenirs

Below is an excerpt from an article that just came out locally in the same paper that featured Jackson's band Westward the Tide...... This one is about my cousin Corinne and her new band ...who are also doing quite well.... Sheesh! Everybody's doin' music but me!  What gives... Lol ;)
"Golden-voiced Salt Lake City songstresses Marie Bradshaw, Kiki Sieger and Corinne Gentry have been involved in so many music projects with ties to Utah that it wouldn't hurt to have a Venn diagram handy to keep them all straight.
They started out as The Folka Dots; all three recently contributed backup vocals to top-shelf albums by influential singer-songwriters Jay William Henderson and Ryan Tanner; sisters Bradshaw and Sieger front electric Americana/country quartet The Hollering Pines; and the trio are also the three-part voice of Americana/country outfit The Souvenirs.
It's an impressive résumé for three musicians who started playing together around 2009 without any plans of being part of an actual band. Back then, they chose a breezy name, The Folka Dots, to reflect the fact that the project wasn't much more than a group of longtime friends getting together to play music for the fun of it. But to their surprise, The Folka Dots—a mostly acoustic five-piece that drew from folk, blues and Americana influences—started to get a following...............................

The chemistry among the group made for six effortless days spent in the studio, where The Souvenirs recorded I Ain't Happy Yet and also contributed to Tanner's Together Is Where We Belong. "We just didn't want to, like, overthink it too much," Bradshaw says. "We wanted to just trust everybody that was involved. They were invited because they were going to bring something special to the recording process. ... It was really, 'Let's get all the right people, and then the right album will just happen. And let's just get in the room together, and let's get in a circle and record this thing live and just trust each other.'"
Country/gospel album I Ain't Happy Yet is a mix of new tunes ("Paper Bag") and old Folka Dots songs ("Black Crow"), as well as a few classic covers ("Ring of Fire"). While "our songs have grown with us," Bradshaw says, the trio's songwriting is still as heart-pricking as ever, with an unflinchingly honest view of love, faith, family and—especially on the new album—life's many disappointments, bad luck, hard times and seasons of discontentment.
And The Souvenirs now have a moniker that more accurately represents their music and its often-weighty subject matter, as well as their aesthetic. It also helped bring about the rich, full sound of the album itself."

[The full article is here]

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Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Nice to hear about your cousin Corinne and her bandmates' recordings and recognition. It seems they were taken in by Nashville - and Corinne signed with us here at BMI recently, joining the other 2 already on our roster. They have registered quite a few of their new songs as The Souvenirs when I checked our song database. Nice!

And of course keep us informed about Jackson & WTT - and your music and videos as well.

Blessings - Lee

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