Friday, September 26, 2014

Thank U...And "the butterfly effect"

Thank you, first off . . . for  everything.  I know your prayers have been of great help to me.  We're mostly among friends here, who understand such things . . . so I don't mind sharing this; that I am fairly certain this was an "attack" . . . because of some of the issues and areas I have recently been exposing and because of where my studies and intended application (hopefully forthcoming expose') have been led to pursue.  There were some things leading up to the "accident"--and the strange way it happened--which strongly suggest to me there was a supernatural element involved. At the same time, I can see why God would allow it and how it is able to use it "for the good". . . .

I know to the "secular" mind--to the unbeliever, this sounds like fanciful imagination.  They would be quick to say something like, (smirking):  "Ah, c'mon, sometimes, accidents just happen.  Not EVERYTHING is a 'sign from God' . . . or some big mystical, supernatural happening.  Gimme a break. . . ."

Whereas, those whose eyes have been open to the ubiquitous, ongoing spiritual battle in this world, know that actually NOTHING is outside of God's involvement and "concern".  There are no "accidents".  Everything is part of an intricately woven tapestry--every little stitch, every seemingly inconsequential "flaw" or "snag"--ALL of the components involved with the "tapestry" are necessary and connected and pertinent . . . to the overall Design . . . which ALL serves the purpose of ultimately revealing the glory of God.  Really, nothing is trivial.  I can easily show how, for instance, something so seemingly incidental, such as what color of toothbrush you last chose, can and does have profound effect which "reverberates" throughout the rest of creation.  I'm serious.  Or, how, for instance, what t-shirt you "happened" to put on one day . . . "changes the world" so-to-speak.  This reality has been recognized, at least in theory, as "the butterfly effect".

I believe it takes spiritual eyes to "see" this--what I am referring to and cannot be fully comprehended otherwise. . . . And it is a profound level of understanding, spiritually derived, when it is "shown" to you.  This also relates to why it is so important and spiritually efficacious to have a correct understanding of correct doctrine, by-the-way. . . .

It was when I was deeply studying and beginning to truly realize the nature of God's ABSOLUTE sovereignty and control and involvement with ALL things  (that is, realizing the doctrine of His "decretive will" versus, ie., the Arminian or "open theist" view that God is only directly involved with certain "important" things, but lets the rest generally carry on according to peoples' "free will choices" and the randomness/"accidents" of the "natural" universe) . . . that I was Shown how indeed it is that God is involved and directing EVERY THING toward His purpose(s); that there are no "accidents" or "random events" or inconsequential/trivial occurrences in the world of space and time.

 Re my injury . . . I still haven't decided whether or not to get an x-ray.  The one foot (of the two injured) obviously has some things going on that are quite a bit more serious than the other. . . .
Today I will do some more research and explore options. . . 
Again, thank you for your advice, prayers, support and commiseration:)  I pray God blesses you in special ways today and ongoing!  These are quickly very intense times; I believe the demonic realm is on the loose with fury and affecting all areas with greater intensity than ever. . . . Stay prayed up, as you do.  God bless


ROGER said...

Aah, My Dear Bro. T.

I have been praying for you, along with all of the others here, for a quick and complete recovery.

The Butterfly Effect: I went to a reunion last evening with some old national guard friends. Some I haven't seen in 20+ years. It was fun seeing them and catching up on old times. It was bitter-sweet because of the health problems I heard about. Then the topic of coincidences came up. I explained that there are NO coincidences, and that GOD is in control of everything. This was kind of hard for some of them to wrap their minds around.

Spiritual Attacks: Yep, I know where you are coming from on this topic. As I've gotten more and more interested in deeply understanding GOD's word, the supernatural attacks have been coming in sorties...

Peace and Many Blessings,

Mark said...

All are wills have to be broke.Remember we are "stiffnecked"(willfull).We veiw these injuries as attacks from the demonic realm when actually it's Creator breaking our wills and to cause us to seek him.

Did your injury not cause you to seek council with creator?

This was the biggest part of knowledge I took away from having a stroke....I soon found myself completely reliant(intrusted)in the Creator.

Remember we are all willful sinners and we will all be broken down into true humility.
God bless

Brother Thomas ©2015

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