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Stairway to the Cult of Death & Lies

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
there's still time to change the road you're on. . . . Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know, The piper's calling you to join him . . .
And if you listen very hard . . . the tune will come to you at last  . . . when all are one and one is all."

These lyrics are from "Stairway To Heaven" . . . and the excerpts here typify the subtle, saccharine clarion call . . . to doom, to damnation.

Are there really "two paths you can go by"?  Yes, that much is true.  But always with the truth . . . is the quiet, whispering lie that draws you in.  Draws you in where?  To the lying spirit that seeks to wreck your soul; that seeks to trick you into the maze of fallen self, which is the playground of ghouls and the demonic. . . .

 For instance, in this case, the set-up is good.  Yes, there are really only "two paths you can go by". 

God says, "Whoever is not with me is against me; whoever does not gather with me truly is scattering."   And, "In the path of righteousness there is life, but another path leads to death."  Yes, we have two paths . . . where one is AGAINST God, which leads to death . . . and the other, which is WITH God . . . leading to life.

But notice what the liar next says--and it is what all the liars say, who speak from the various multitude of worldly and spiritual platforms:  "In the long run there's still time to change the road you're on."

Is that true?  As in, is it right that if you don't quite get "the path" correctly at this point in time . . . no worries . . . for "in the long run" you will still be able to switch paths and get on a better one, even the right one?

I have been mentioning "cults" lately--describing their various and similar techniques of mind/soul control. . . . And indeed, there are myriad versions, concocted by myriad different "prophets", "gurus", "teachers" and "leaders".  But at the crux of it, there is really only one cult.  It is the cult of death and lies, charading in different forms and disguises.  Prominent in them all--a hallmark of THE cult of death and lies--is the notion that "in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on." 

While it is true (according to God's Word) that in THIS life there is time to change the path you're on . . . not so in "the long run."  The cult of death and lies will either promote the doctrine of reincarnation . . . or will say "yes there is only this one mortal life, BUT . . . in the hereafter . . . whether in some purgatory or 'spirit-prison' state . . . you will still be able to change your path and choose to be with God; perhaps after a certain period of punishment or purging."

THIS is a dangerous lie, which fosters spiritual laziness and engenders especially the tendency of a person to put off committing to God and attempting to have it both ways.  By "both ways", I mean . . . such a person will continue to pursue the world and the things of the world, while dabbling in spirituality . . . figuring that . . . they might as well "have a good time" during this life, self-seeking, pleasure-pursuing, money and sex and power-chasing, since . . . well . . . maybe later (in the next life) it will be easier to seek after the path of righteousness and the way of God.  Why "die to self", "take up the cross" . . . etc., only to suffer persecution now . . . while the lures of the flesh are so tantalizingly present and . . . the holy path can just be pursued later anyhow?

No, there is NOT "still time to change the path you're on" in the "long run"!  This, of course, is a LIE from the adversary to trick you into present complacency.  You may die at any moment in this life;   promises of something like purgatory and reincarnation . . . according to God's revelation . . . are lies; they are lies from The Deceiver who wants you to accompany him to Hell.

Now, back to those lyrics--which bear a very typical and oft used message by the cult of death and lies, in various delivery modes (ie., other songs, movies, culture, philosophies, religions, cults etc.),
it may also be metaphorically true that "your head is humming" . . . in the sense that something or someone is calling you, nagging you, pricking your conscience, so-to-speak.  Indeed, God's Word proclaims that everyone is born with a deep, though mostly suppressed, "knowing" of the urgency pertaining to this life's purpose and a certain, spiritually and existentially evocative questioning . . . and compulsion . . . to "find the truth" . . . to "seek and follow the true path" . . . which may be loosely described as a "humming" in your head. . . . But is it true that it "won't go"?

Again, we have the clever, parsing deception slipped in.  From the cult of death and lies' standpoint, if you throw in with it, no, the "humming" won't go away.  In fact, you will be FOREVER nagged and tormented by it.  And the cult leader does not want you to know that there is an answer--a way to stop the "humming."  He or she . . . will even stoke and intensify the "humming", the yearning . . . while endlessly presenting themselves and their particular cultic "path" as the eventual solution . . . which is maddeningly always just beyond reach (hence you need another "course" . . . another "degree" . . . another "ordinance". . . . )

But, in truth, there is a way to stop the "humming."  There IS a way to peace and rest, and it is when you are "with" Him, not "against" Him--He Who is the truth, THE WAY, and the life!

Now, as to "the piper's calling you to join him" . . . we have another sneaky, subtle mis-direction from the lying deceiver.  Yes, there IS a "piper" calling you join him.  But there's not just one.  There are TWO "pipers", each representing the "two path you can go".  The "piper" referred to in this song . . . is the leader of the cult of death and lies.  The author doesn't want you to know about the other Piper--that there even IS another "piper".  So, by omission, the words of the cult are attempting to lead you in only one particular direction; and that is to the realm of death and lies.

Finally, there is a suggestion--a proffered answer to the "humming" and to the calling of the "piper" . . . and it includes one of the favorite "axioms" of the devious cult:  "And if you listen very hard . . . the tune will come to you at last  . . . when all are one and one is all."

And here we have it . . . the bold, seductive and blasphemous claim that "all are one and one is all"; or put another way "as above, so below" . . . or, as some others say, "we are all little gods" . . . or, what is really being said, "WE are God/I am God".

Here is where we find the cult's foundational premise--the big lie.  YOU are god, I am god, we are ALL god!  And, of course, this was the big lie offered in The Garden, and still being asserted today, in so many ways.  It is woven in and throughout culture, art, poems, song lyrics, philosophy, religions . . . and drives right to that very issue which so infuriates and convulses the fallen creature's nature.  Here is where you find one and all rising to stand AGAINST the Creator, shaking fist in the air, shouting, proclaiming, "I AM MY OWN!  I AM MY OWN GOD!  I HATE GOD!  I REFUSE TO FOLLOW GOD!  I CHOOSE DEATH AND LIES OVER GOD!  JOIN ME TO THE CULT OF DEATH AND LIES!!!"

Every possible lure and temptation, draw and seduction . . . trick and trap . . . is used by "the world", by the cult . . . appealing to this basic fallen nature which surrounds this fallen realm and the degenerate creatures it holds.  "We are one" . . . "we are all the same" . . . "God is the same as us/we are the same as God" . . . "let there be no distinctions, no demarcations, no haves and have-nots, no higher or lower, no real "good" versus "bad", no difference between "light" and "dark"--"ALL IS ONE"!

And if the cult of death and lies does not manage to secure you in one of the various of its different divisions (particular, distinct "religious" or "spiritual" cult organizations) the cult will try and draw you in through business ambition, through hunger for fame, power, riches; or perhaps via a more refined intellectual, "scientific" allure . . . or by any one of a multitude of disguises, means and modes. . . .

No, there is no "long run" along which to change "paths."  There is a very SHORT run--a dash, to get it right--to get on the path that leads to peace, rest, GodliNESS and life!  The "humming" WILL stop . . . once you realize that not all IS one--but that there is ONE, TRUE and LIVING GOD, above ALL, through Whose pleasure and grace alone . . . you exist and proceed.

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