Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Run from the Skats/Jesus is Only Way

Well . . . I will say this.  If you or anyone you know gets anywhere near "Skatology" of the Hellzon Le Grubber variety (with its current psychopathic psychotic leader "Biff Miscarriage" or "BM") please run--don't walk as far as you can get from them.  Wow, this is one psychotic bunch.  They will kidnap and abuse you and take all of your money and leave you an emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual mess. . . . More on them and the eery similarities to the Kolobians later . . . but no matter what, don't get near these poor, deluded souls or anywhere near their orbit. . . . Bad news all around . . . and dangerous. . . .

Meanwhile,  I just recalled . . . the day when I saw that it was Jesus . . . and Jesus alone . . . that HE was the one, the only Way. . . . It came at the same time that it became clear to me that yes, there is EVIL . . . in its very Biblical sense . . . in this world and mostly controlling it.  It was obvious that all the world and all evil were always focusing on Jesus and the Bible to destroy, and virtually nothing or no one else.  The attack is always against Jesus, Christians, the Bible. . . . Which makes it pretty obvious, doesn't it . . . what and Who the threat to the darkness is?

And along with this, after myself having chased several butterflies (different "spiritual" paths and gurus) . . . I realized that it was ONLY with Jesus that I ever was able to change in actuality.  Everything else was self-hypnotism, self-delusion, or worse, demonic influence. . . . But with Jesus, those better and nobler and holier characteristics that I yearned for always deep in my soul . . . were actually, for real, to be found . . . and not from my own effort or ability. . . . It was always like a gift, in imparting that He made. . . . I know this, that Jesus is the Way--the ONLY Way to peace, truth, light, love, life, faith, and the perfected immortality we all secretly crave. . . .

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Mark said...

Jesus was no mamby pamby panzi and rubbed "the world" the wrong way with the light of truth in his day

"The world" rejected the message and the messenger and put him on a cross.In this day version of "the world" one in their christ likeness should expect name calling, lableing,mocking,oppressed,stoned,flogged,spat on,laughed at,and even your life if need be.

Jesus went against the grain/agaist the flow.

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