Monday, September 29, 2014

Rejecting The god Of This World

When I see the doors to success ( worldly success) opening like magic for a person . . .  I view it with a strong sense of apprehension.  I have experienced it myself (before I was saved) to some degree and have seen it operate in others close to me.  There are obvious signs and markers of supernatural  "help" for that person.  It goes beyond just being "lucky" or "being in the right place at the right time" by "chance".  No, it is clear that unseen forces and guides are involved to quickly move the subject into contacts and connections which will speedily move them along the track to wealth, power and/or fame.  It is ominous, however, for we know that God chastens and disciplines those whom He loves and keeps.  His own will often be thwarted in many and diverse ways.  The world does not open its doors to the elect--it shuts them up and constantly harries the child of God.

The world is presently governed by the "powers, principalities and rulers of darkness" and they open the doors and help with the connections to "bless" those souls not within God's specific protection.  This is why we see so many who achieve great fame and influence and abundance who don't have the talents and abilities that would normally warrant such success.  But also there are those who are gifted who the dark side is especially eager to co-opt and it is generally true (I believe) that nearly all who "make it" up and out of the pack of the common folk . . . are allowed to do so because somewhere along the line they have chosen the world and it's rewards against choosing God and His rewards (which take faith and come for the most part later.)

The one who throws in with the "god of this world" . . . does not want to wait on God.  They want "it" now!  They also, somewhere along the line, have willingly acceded to the lie that you can have BOTH the world and God--that you CAN serve two masters.  Or, they secretly know they are outright rejecting God "for now" but imagine that . . . after they have had their fun, had their way, THEN they will turn to God at the last moment (which is still just another version of attempting to have it both ways.)

The successful test for the believer, in watching this and being the brunt of the world's abuses while the "wicked" seem to prosper . . . is in not succumbing to covetousness, jealousy, envy, resentment, anger (at God) for allowing this seeming injustice to carry on.  The Enemy will try to draw you in, pull you down . . . to the worldly level and response and if possible have you "curse God" as Job's wife urged when the test/demonstration happened to Job . . . and throw in with the world after all.

God's glory and power are revealed when the believer, against all human nature and power, continues to praise and glorify God despite the temporary (albeit severe) asininity of the situation.  A typical, fallen human will always resort to sinful reactions (be they subtle or overt) when so confronted.  But in that weakness, God's love and care and protection and power are revealed, as the believer (though maybe struggling at times and even falling) persists in refraining fully to succumb to the temptation to "fight fire with fire", "return evil for evil", "live by the sword" etc., or in other words, give up on God and give in to the Adversary's proddings, attacks, and/or bribes.  God tests, chastens, disciplines those He loves and keeps and the Lord advised that this would be the case for His chosen in this world, and He also warned those who are tempted "look back", to question, in effect the goodness and wisdom of God:   "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God."  Luke 9:62

This whole place is set up in such a way that you can either attempt to have your "heaven" NOW (by siding with the "god" of this world . . . and take your punishment later (for the most part) . . . OR, you live with the eyes of faith, and count the riches of this world as nothing compared to the glory to come and the reward to follow for those who stand for truth and for Christ now.

Many choices and forks in the road present themselves in many small and big ways daily which hover around this premier spiritual battle, and woe to the one who has already so readily thrown in with the rulers of darkness, that God has left them alone and allows their present "heaven" to speedily proceed without much trouble or challenge.  It is in suffering and disappointment that we finally seek God--seek that peace and knowledge which surpasses all that the world has to offer.  When things are "going our way" . . . we tend to track swiftly toward pride, coldness of heart, damnable heresies, and Spiritual death.


Mark said...

Thy kingdom come.put your treasures there.
Good word

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen bro, Praise the Lord. x x tabbycat. x x

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