Thursday, September 11, 2014

National Anthem 9/11, Westward The Tide

sorry... proud papa moment... I'm so fond and proud of all my boys...and I do mean all....

We just watched youngest son Jack and his band do the national anthem on 9/11 on ESPN ... and they did great! Sang it straight and sweet with perfect harmony... awesome job!:) "The next big thing out of Provo" the announcers said, "Westward The Tide...." ......

Anyway.. I taped it on the new gizmo c/o Z... Wonderin' about the copyright situation?  Does anybody know... can I put a "fair use" blurb of it on my Youtube channel?


Anonymous said...


I am currently listening to your son's band on YouTube. "On the Run." Beautiful song. First time I have checked them out. What a gorgeous melody. Hopefully you can post the National Anthem!


Lee in TN said...

Bro T -
They did so great singing at the game. Great vocal arrangement! I betcha that you'd be alright posting the video, as certianly folks post much more 'copyrighted' material than that every day on Youtube. I think especially with a public domain song (even on ESPN) you'd be OK. And there is actually a crowd shot video of them singing most of it here with a better view of the band singing throughout (minus their intro)

Blessings always - Lee

Mark said...

"Oh jose(Joe) can you see"

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