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More Cultic Characteristics

Westward the Tide note for any such fans . . . . uh . . . I just found out that they (my son and his band) are slated to sing the national anthem at the first BYU game (against Houstan) of the season . . . which is supposedly going to be televised on ESPN this Thursday at 7pm Mountains Standard Time.  I don't know if the game will be fully nationally televised or just regionally.  And I don't know if they will air the national anthem part . . . but good chance they might.  Anyway, just thought I'd mention it--I know there are few fans of the band that check in here :)
OK, meanwhile . . . the truth must march on, come what may. . . .

I think this is an important topic--looking at the traits and personality types of cult leaders and cult operations . . . because I see so many versions and degrees of it everywhere, and especially as it pertains to the spiritual path--which is the most critical path of all in life--one must always be on the lookout for wolves and false teachers and mind controllers and "handlers" working to lead the seeker away to destruction. . . . I heard a recent comment from an ex-cult member which struck me:  "ANYONE can be caught up in a cult.  It's just a matter of being in the "right" place at the "right" time."  The more I pondered this comment, the more profound I thought it was.  It is quite true.  We   all have vulnerable moments in our lives.  Being confronted with a charismatic preacher or missionary or exponent of a well-sounding doctrine or group . . . at those weak moments . . . when our defenses are down, are strength or discernment marginalized . . . I see it is quite possible that ANYONE could fall into the snare. . . .

Knowledge of cult leader personalities and cultic mind control techniques are an antidote for that dangerous situation.  People "perish for the lack of knowledge" right?......

It is similar to understanding the signs and traits and methods of a "psychopath", within whose grasp it is easy to fall, and then suffer greatly under their control.  The way of TRUTH really is a way of freedom--the truth does set you free . . . while the charlatans, egomaniacs, narcissistic-psychopaths etc. always take away your freedom and subsume your individuality. . . .

Sadly, I note that these same characteristics and techniques I am studying used by the likes of Smith and Hubbard and other cult leaders to control groups . . . are being used by the government and especially the current administration.  All of this control of speech and thought in the vein of "political correctness" is nothing more than mind and thought control similar to that used by cult leaders and cults.  The best defense against it is in shining the light of truth upon all their operations--and by "their" I mean "they" who ultimately serve the workers of iniquity and darkness and evil, for this is the original source of all the trouble.  In all these cases, you will find the devil and the demonic realm hard at work to distract, dissuade, mis-direct and control . . . to get you away from God, from Christ, FROM THE TRUTH, which is why deception is always the major component to cultic control.  The "father of lies" . . . rules that whole realm . . . . .

Also, these things (cultic-like mind controls) show in personal relationships--spouses, dominating friends, bosses, agents, managers, domineering children even; like I said, I see this tendency to control through deception and self-aggrandizement existing in varying degrees in everyone, for it is a result and cause of the fallen condition.

Back to noted similarities between L. Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith . . . both men were paranoid of plots against them and their agenda.  This is typical of pathological liars, for always they are anxious that their deceits may be found out and exposed.  And also, the hypocrisy of their lives were constantly under threat of being found out and published. 

For instance, L. Ron Hubbard railed against promiscuity, "free love", adultery . . . as did Joseph Smith.  Meanwhile, both of them were living personal lives full of promiscuity and adultery.  L. Ron Hubbard was a bigamist several times over, a constant womanizer and stealer of men's wives . . . as was Smith.  Smith gave a famous and fiery denial of the accusations against him saying,  "...What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one!" . . . at a time when he was secretly married to 25 wives.

Another glaring example of hypocrisy is how Hubbard decried the use of drugs, even medicine, and any form of substance abuse, while he himself was popping pills constantly, smoking pot and drinking whiskey nightly.  Likewise, Joseph Smith gave the "Word of Wisdom" as a "revelation from God" in the early 1830s which warned against drinking alcohol, coffee/tea, tobacco (and more), while he himself, up to the night he was killed in jail drank wine, drank beer, smoked cigars, drank coffee and tea, often publicly.  Wine was used in the early sacraments of the Mormon church and there are reports that some of the "spirit-filled" overnighters during temple rituals were fueled as much by whiskey as anything else.

Confession and the telling of personal secrets is another hallmark of cult controlling techniques.  In Scientology, the members are required constantly to go through "auditing" and various other kinds of interviews where they must confess all of their "crimes".  This even includes so-called "crimes" done in other lives, going back millions of years!  A dossier of highly personal and embarrassing information is kept on each member which then can be used for blackmail and coercion purposes.  In the LDS church, members are expected to confess to their bishops and discuss all manner of personal (usually sex-related) mistakes, and of course, in the Catholic cult we have the whole confessional system involving "priests" who likewise have the power to discipline and re-conform (rehabilitate) errant member back into the fold (cult).

It is scary to note that mafia groups and secret societies maintain similar requirements of members.  For instance, we have learned that the shady, dark elite "Skull & Bones" secret society has its new members lie in coffins naked where they must recount to the others all their sexual history, among other things. . . . 

[Note . . . . Is it not striking how disgusting and depraved all this cultish mess is compared to actual purity, goodness, holiness, truthfulness and openness of the Gospel and the person and message of Jesus Christ?]

Some other alike features of cult characteristics is the cult's tendency to shun "outsiders" and alienate the cult members from those not in the cult--especially those outsiders determined as enemies.  In Hubbard's twisted teachings, anyone who questions or decries the methods and cause of Scientology and its members is called a "suppressive person" . . . an "SP".  This is how and why families are often broken up in the cult.  If one member of a person's family starts to question the org . . . then that "SP" is instantly shunned, shut out and barred from contact.  

Sadly, there is a variant, not quite as severe but there nonetheless in Mormonism.  Ask any LDS member who has left the church while their family stayed in . . . and you will hear sad and harrowing tales of the "apostate" being ostracized, losing friends and family, jobs etc., as "the church" draws a wall around the remaining members.  "Apostates" in Mormonism are considered "of the devil" and assigned the worst of all outcomes ("outer darkness"/Hell) along with the devil and any others that actively opposed "the church."  Scientology is even more ruthless in their attacks on apostates, and will "gang-stalk" them relentlessly to bring them back in or drive them to suicide.

Bottom line on this is . . . is that if you leave the "church" in either case . . . you are bound to lose family, friends, jobs, property and anything else you once had in common with the cult.  And you will be actively shunned and sometimes even attacked.

This is typical cult technique, and typically psychopathic. . . . And if any questions arise in a member, the teachings and "doctrine" of the cult devises a bevy of mental tricks to induce "stop thought"--to instantly quash and block out rationality, reason.

In true Biblical Christianity . . . thinking . . . reason . . . rationality . . . is encouraged and developed.  Not so . . . in a cult.

What disturbs me as much or more than these examples . . . is where I find similar behaviour and organization technique in some so-called "Christian" congregations.  It is one area of Shawn McCraney's recent rants that I concur with in some cases.  Christian churches sometimes have these very same mode of control and hypocrisy at the top . . . and I find it abhorrent and disgusting.  At least in the case of Scientology, there is not a pretense of being "Christian" and preaching the Gospel. 

Secrecy . . . deception . . . hypocrisy . . . sexual dysfunction and/or promiscuity disguised as spiritual doctrine . . . physical, emotional, spiritual abuse . . . control . . . manipulation . . . prying . . . blackmail . . . coercion . . . guilt-tripping . . . money grubbing . . . power-mongering . . . enslavement and/or destruction of the individual . . . family splitting . . . child abuse . . . bigotry, racism . . . stop-thoughting . . . these are just some of the many, rotten fruits of cult leaders and cult groups in general. . . . 

Beware.  Come out of them . . . into the light of truth . . . that is Jesus Christ, the One True and Living God.  The rest is idolatry and devil worship in various forms and varying degrees. . . .

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Mark said...

This is why God/Jesus is not a religion,political party,church collective,movement.

These are all quite cultic or religious at times and are subject to the groupthink.

Hey maybe if we get enough of us together in groupthink we can manifest our own god and are own way!......just folly and God laughs.

To those "individuals" unified in the SPIRIT of truth are in the one true church and its not in a building....its all over the globe.Its members are usually the down trodden,the least of inportance,the meek,the humble,the innocent.

From "the rock" the first symbol is the "unity" rune and looks like X

It is often used today as a sign of agreement or sign on the X______________

Are we idividuals in agreement that the holy spirit(God/Jesus) is the only way!

Its the only agreement one needs.

Can we agree?

Brother Thomas ©2015

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