Thursday, September 25, 2014

Into The Ditch, Ow!

Wow . . . . . ow.....ouch.....

The snapshot image keeps popping up in my mind's eye--both feet snapped sideways in the dirt, looking and feeling as if they are just going to be dangling, broken as I drag myself out of the ditch.

Sorry, this is not for the squeamish . . . oww . . . .

So, it does also pop into mind on occasion how close to the edge I am . . . and that one thing, one big event, ie., accident . . . severe sickness . . . criminal assault . . . would be . . . well, quite the challenge.

And I always think of all the others who are similarly balancing, precariously . . . surviving day to day, week to week, paycheck to paycheck . . . with no insurance, no reserves . . . in this ever oppressive, lackluster economy with wages stagnated or going down . . . while necessities (food, energy medical care etc.) keep increasing.

Anyway, all I can ever really do in those moments of slight terror, heh--which is the equivalent of "looking down" while climbing a great height--is rush to my faith in God, trusting Him and praising Him in ALL things.  I find I am deeply grateful in so many ways . . . and humbled . . . at God's mercy, knowing well my fallen state and what (according to God's perfect justice and holiness) I actually "deserve" to get.  And I always quickly consider how much worse things could be and stay mindful of how much more rough it is for so many . . . and I pray for them . . . continuing to praise God in ALL things--even those that presently appear tragic and "unfair"--fully trusting that His will IS being done and that His glory is and will be revealed . . . and that "ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love God."

I was cleaning up at the end of the day yesterday, carrying a vacuum cleaner and full gallon of paint back to the homeowner's garage . . . and had to step down into a dirt ditch the landscaping Mexicans had earlier dug (for pipes) when, first stepping down, my left foot rolled . . . hard. . . . To catch myself, my right foot came down with all my shifted weight (going from the twisted left foot now to the right) . . . and it too "rolled" . . . and even harder!  It happened so fast, in an instant.  The snapshot image (still haunting me, aye!) is what I saw in that millisecond . . . where both my feet were turned practically backwards and up towards me in that dirt.  I fell, of course, dropping everything . . . stunned . . . and momentarily imagining the worst--that I just broken both my feet!

Now in shock, I managed to crawl out of the ditch and hobble, shaking and groaning a bit . . . into the homeowners sun room, where she was doing business on a computer, and fell into a chair, "Uh, sorry, I need to sit down."

The swelling of each ankle was proceeding fast and thankfully she had an ice-pack I could strap on at least around what felt to be the worse off of the two, my right ankle.

This job I'm currently on . . . is quite a ways from where I live (about a 30 mile commute) through horrible traffic (can take an hour and half sometimes) but I decided I didn't want my wife to have to come pick me up . . . and that I would attempt to drive home.  (For courage I imagined all the soldiers and pioneers who have gone before, often sick and wounded, where staying put was not an option).  Also the shock was still in effect and the pain, while bad, was not utterly debilitating.  Thankfully, my car pedals are sensitive . . . and I found you can brake and accelerate well enough with just a little tap, though I was praying for nothing unusual--ie., some knucklehead driver causing me to need to react fast and hard. . . .

Anywhoos....I made it home and crawled to the couch, in big pain and wondering just how bad it might be.  This is certainly what I didn't need right now where I have several exterior jobs (involving heights and ladders) that need to get done before the snow flies and I'm behind schedule on each of them.  I work by myself so I don't have a helper that could keep things moving along.  If I'm not physically on the job, putting in the manual hours . . .  then nothing gets done and no moola happens. . . .

Along with some other topics, lately I've been studying (so-to-speak) prayer--the power and purposes of prayer . . . and am a bigger believer and fan of it than ever before.  I would very much appreciate YOUR prayers (my beloved fellow believers, if you are:) that I may heal fast and be able to get back to work.  I can't imagine being able to climb or carry ladders anytime soon, as I can barely shuffle to the bathroom as it is, heh.... but I do believe, of course, that God can heal me fast . . . if He so wills . . . and that the power of believers' prayers are strongly efficacious!

I don't know yet if I should go to the doc and get ex-rays (the whole no insurance thing, oy) or what.  I don't think I've ever gotten injured this bad before, so I'm in new territory. . . . Been rather fortunate that way.  Neither ankle is black and blue, which is what I would expect if broken, they are just swollen.  I'm suspecting perhaps a fracture in the right one?   In that case, isn't it true that there's not much you can other than let it heal?

Well . . . that's about it for now.  God bless and thank you for listening:)


Lee in TN said...

Bro T,
Would the homeowner have any liability insurance coverage that could help with any medical bills from your injury while working on their property? Probably so...

Prayers yes...definitely! But just thinking of other practical things as well.

Blessings and healing! - Lee

Linda L. said...

I understand your situation. I will be praying for you, that you heal quickly. A suggestion, watch out for increasing pain and consider an x-ray anyway, if pain does not subside with ice packs. From fracturing a shoulder blade several years ago, I learned fractures can be tricky. I stumbled and fell while walking. Just thought It was bruised and went to work. But the pain became so excruciating after a while by the time I got to work on bus, and my boss ordered me to go get it checked out by doctor. X-rays were done, and I had fractured my shoulder blade. NOt sure about ankles, but have it checked out anyway.

Anonymous said...

You have been in my prayers daily since I've been reading your blog, which has been for awhile.
Praying now for you.
Marie Ivan

Anonymous said...

You will heal from this quickly, Brother. Think of it as Caleb though of the giants in the promised land. You are well able to overcome this. Prayers always. Love you!


Linda Ryan said...

You really need to get this checked out. I rolled my ankle and fell in the house. I tore one legament and another legament was torn completely in half. Tore one tendon and tore cartilage. Worse than any break. I had to have surgery. Even if it is not a break or any of the above, you should wear a brace/boot for healing. All these things are slow healing, and depending what is actually wrong, the need to be off of your feet is most likely. I am praying for you. Keep your ankles elevated and ice packs on and off throughout the day and night.
Linda R.

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