Friday, September 19, 2014

Characteristics of the Adversary and His Army

The dark side is quite real.  One of the main ploys of Lucifer and his top generals--especially coming into the "modern era" . . . was to convince the general masses of their non-existence.  True devotees of the Adversary know this, for the demons--the fallen angels--tell them. 

It is difficult when the wicked of the world seem to prosper so easily and to the highest levels of industry, the arts . . . government . . . society. . . . Indeed they are the "elite" of this world, for this is their master's kingdom . . . and no one advances (or very few, at least) in this world, whatever the career or "dream" path . . . without the "blessing" of the demonic government. 

Meanwhile, those who love Christ, who follow Jesus, are mostly held down, abused, ignored, mocked and made to struggle.  This is what Christ promised--"take up your cross and follow Me"--and it is because the fallen angels, under the chief Liar, despise the Lord and all who would be His.

They seriously believe that they still have a chance to defeat God in this great war;  that Jesus will abdicate this world and leave it for Satan and his legions.  The more the devil can conform this world to his image--can corrupt and pervert and twist and degrade this creation to something barely recognizable as something God made--the more he thinks he is winning and that God and Jesus will finally just have to abandon it.  Furthermore, the evil ones are not afraid of the fires of Hell or of punishment, as in the current state of their maintenance of some power, they are able to inure and immunize themselves to pain, just as yogi's or sorcerers or witch doctors etc., under the influence of demonic spirits, can accomplish seeming miraculous feats and wonders, such as enduring very otherwise painful tests and practices. . . .

The delusion and arrogance of the evil ones . . . is profound.  Even to the point that many of them, even to the highest degrees, believe they are on the "good" side, and that it is Jesus Who is the "bad" one.

God's glory is shown . . . where His followers . . . continue on in this wretched world, where they are like vagabonds and prisoners in enemy territory . . . wandering, fighting for every scrap of sustenance . . . maligned . . . persecuted . . . held down . . . YET they continue to bless the name of God and give their lives for the sake of the Son.  Despite the relentlessness of the dark and evil oppression of this world . . . they fight on, refusing to give in to the bribes, to the "beatings", to the temptations, which are monumental--especially for a fallen creature such as man--for in their hearts they CANNOT be broken, no matter how awesome or mighty the ghoulish army is that comes against them.  One believer, relatively alone and surrounded, in this world . . . can and does stand up to a world and whole unseen dimension teeming with snarling enemies . . . who are driven mad by their inability to conquer the weak, foolish, submitted, broken, yet authentic, disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Do not give in, though all come against you to turn you.  He promised us the world would hate us and hold us down. . . . We look to the greater, final glory, walking in faith, which defeats all who would turn us. . . .

Praise God.

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Anonymous said...

Great word to read on the sabbath, just perfect.

I really love you Brother Thomas. God speed to you and your fam.


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