Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ankle Watch 2014! ...heh

I don't intend to make this "Ankle Watch 2014" . . . haha . . . but since it's about all that's going on for me at the moment I'll put in an update here and there. . . . Anyhow, I fancy myself a writer of sorts--which, if true--means that I should be able to take practically any topic and make it a somewhat interesting read if nothing else (ie., even if the content isn't necessarily something a reader would be usually be searching out.)

I did go to see our "doctor" (he's actually a "physicians assistant") . . . and while I generally like that he's a somewhat sardonic, cursory and flippant guy (who is like us where we aren't prone to hysterical or over-protective or unnecessary health and medical over-reactions to sicknesses and hurts) . . . it probably wasn't optimal that I caught him Friday as his last patient to see . . . and when he was about to bolt for a week's vacation. . . . As in, I think besides his usual "ah . . . it's no big deal" response, he perhaps was especially eager to pass off on the matter and "get outta Dodge". . . .

In his favor, he told me that he had had a similar type of serious injury playing soccer once (so knew things from personal experience), and he did prod and poke to his satisfaction that, if there were a fracture or break, things would have been much more sensitive to the touch.  He determined, by the looks of it and the description of the fall/roll . .  . that I have a 3rd degree sprain in the right ankle, a 2nd degree in the left.  He said in a 3rd degree, virtually all of the ligaments have torn apart completely, where in the 2nd, some more are still attached.  He got me a brace of sorts to wear and said he didn't think we needed to bother with x-rays (knowing I was keen on avoiding unnecessary costs if possible) and that it would just take a long time to heal.

Well, I'm thinking now I made a mistake in not insisting on an x-ray, at least for the right ankle.  As some time has passed, it still feels strange in ways the other one doesn't.  It also looks a lot worse and in places that don't seem to jibe with only a sprain-type injury.  I'm now strongly suspecting a fracture--at the very least, and maybe in more than one place.  I've got a nagging foreboding that it is the fibula, which would explain why I can put some slight pressure on the foot, as I was told the fibula is not part of the weight-bearing set-up.  But if it is the fibula, from talking to someone else who knows about these things, he said that surgery is sometimes the only option to get it to heal properly, otherwise, bigger problems ensue.


I think I will try another avenue today and go ahead and get the x-ray to get the matter settled.  I should have just insisted on that earlier, but I think I was in a bit of denial and was counting on it just slowly but surely getting better on its own.  The way it looks and feels at this point, though, I'm becoming more doubtful of that. . . .

Oh well, praise God!  And I do, in all things . . . genuinely trusting that He's in it all and maintains His is good and perfect purposes:)
Also, God bless and thank you again for abiding this slight excursion for a moment:)

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Linda Ryan said...

Dear Brother Thomas,
I wrote to you my experience with a fall hurting my ankle. I did go to emergency and they took x-rays and was told to follow up with my doctor. I was treated as a bad sprain, much pain, swollen and told to stay off of it. Well three months later of complaining my doctor sent me to a foot and ankle specialist, I had to have the MRI that I did not want to have. I had to have surgery, it was not going to heal. So all this delay for not getting the right diagnosis and treatment, hindered the outcome of the surgeries success. It prolonged my recovery and all in all it was a year of recovery and needed PT. You can be in this same position for months like myself, you can't afford not to get properly healed and taken care of. May God give you wisdom and peace with this.


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