Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Race Card

Yesterday, hearing the news of the "protests" in Missouri . . . I recalled having written a few times over the years about Missouri . . . I remember it kept popping up in my mind as a place for some type of big "event". . . .  Just curious I searched out the terms in the blog archive and found this post I made in early 2008. . . . 

Here is the excerpt:

"It is troubling to see the race baiting and racial strife being fomented, on cue, via the presidential campaigns . . .  just how close we are to widespread civil protest/strife.

Missouri . . . I thought it was to be an earthquake . . . but maybe it was floods. Though the other [racially based civil protests] could still be in the works."

Anyway, not much more to say about it, other than it is all obviously part of the orchestrated "mopping up" phase I've been describing here for years. . . . Whether this is the beginning of a wider devised scenario, leading to widespread riots . . . well . . . if it is . . . then we're off to the races......

[post note: I'm not going to re-post it . . . but I saw some other entries I made which tie the Planet Of The Apes movies to be riot-triggering programs as well . . . related to that part of my St. George vision which always struck me as odd . . . but which I don't won't to elaborate on as it can too easily be mis-used, mis-understood . . . at the present time....... . ]

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mark Anderson said...

Are you watching "native america" (Oklahoma) with its almost daily shudderings.this is deeply related as for the return of.Tptb are working hard to kick off something.Up til now the better of the HUMANE nature is prevailing.

Now looks like boots in Baghdad while the pres said no boots........lies,lies,lies.

Hey I only know"ONE" race and its humane.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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