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The Logic In The Offensive

When your spiritual eyes have been opened by God . . . you see the situation  for how it really is.  Before that, everything seems relatively okay.  Yeah, there are issues . . . personally and in the world, but there is a general sense of "oh well, that's just the way things are . . . somehow it will all work out in the end."  When you are spiritually blind, you tend to think that even though you know you could be "better" and that you make mistakes . . . God will give you a pass--"everybody muddles through in the end". . . .

You think that religions are all roughly teaching the same thing . . . that there are different roads "up the mountain" but that eventually, everyone will get to the top . . . except for the "really bad ones" . . . but that's not you--you don't murder or deliberately hurt people . . . so . . . all in all if you just "try your best" . . . God will fill in the rest. . . .

I know that when we talk to Mormons, for instance, they perceive us as being almost irrationally "anti". . . . "What is the big deal", they wonder?  Overall, they figure that, at worst, "the church" is a great institution that does "lots of good in the world" and it's all about just helping you to become "a better person."  What's so bad about that? What is up with those "fundamentalist" "born again" Christian types who insist that Mormonism is a "cult" and talk so degradingly about the "prophet" Joseph Smith?

But from OUR standpoint (from the basic, born-again, Biblical Christian point-of-view) it is a very, very, VERY serious matter.  You see, we do not believe (because the Bible does not teach it) that "everyone will muddle along" to become generally saved "in the end."  Mormonism teaches that almost everybody makes it to some form of Heaven, any of which (forms/locations) are spectacularly glorious compared to this earth life.  Only a few get sent into "outer darkness" (Hell)--such as the devil, his minions and those who not only refused to accept the "restored gospel" but then went on to fight against it. . . .

However, from the Biblical Christian p.o.v., imagine this. . . . Imagine if you had a friend or a loved one who joined Jim Jones' cult . . . and was headed to Jonestown.   And you knew that Jim Jones was a lying, devious, perverse manipulator of people--a psychopath, narcissist, sexual predator (which he was) demonically inspired and had all his followers under severe mind-control.   The physical danger to your friend . . . would be one thing, but above all you would be worried for their soul.  As a Christian, you believe what the Bible says, that there is only one way to be saved from eternal damnation in Hell, and it is only through Jesus Christ--THE Jesus Christ of the Bible (not the one that, ie., Jim Jones made up to lead his members astray.)

If you loved your friend . . . you would be aggressive in trying to rescue them from being destroyed by Jim Jones.  You wouldn't pussyfoot around saying, "oh, I'm glad you found 'your truth' .  . . all paths eventually lead to God, so go ahead, go with Mr. Jones . . . even though I disagree with it, I don't have any right to judge. . . ." etc.

No, hopefully you would be showing your friend all the information you had found out--the evidence in abundance--that Jim Jones was a charlatan, a fraud, a con-man, a dangerous and evil false teacher who was leading people to destruction!  You would fight forcefully and constantly to save your friend, would you not?!

This is how a Christian views someone caught in Mormonism or any other cult.  Such a person needs to be woken up, startled, informed . . . and, hopefully saved!  Our so-called "anti" position is not because we "hate Mormons" or because "the church" hurt us in some way and we are seeking revenge . . .  or we are too weak to follow all the rules . . . or because we think we are "better" . . . but only because we are in great fear for those caught in the cult of Joseph Smith--that they are following a false teacher, a false prophet (warned of in the Bible) and it is because we love the person, care for them . . . that we want to intervene, if we can, and awaken them to their spiritual peril.

We sometimes talk harshly about Joseph Smith and the other "prophets" and leaders of Mormonism, because we see that they are actually wolves leading generally sincere people . . . to destruction. We see you Mormons (and others similarly mind-controlled) as if you were marching straight off a cliff to the rocks below, to instant death.  Of COURSE we are going to shout, to attempt to wrest you away from your dangerous trance!  Because we love you!  We don't want to lose you.  We don't want to see you under the bondage and control of a wholly man-made, deceitful and devious cult of personality. 

We have studied what you haven't--"church history" . . . from your own approved sources in most cases, and the evidence is abundant and obvious . . . that Joseph Smith was a religious charlatan, liar, deceiver and blasphemer of the one, true, holy God!

OF COURSE we are going to be a bit disparaging and rough with him.  Would you be upset if we called Charles Manson or Jim Jones or any other dangerous cult leader a madman, a wolf, an evil fraud?

"But Joseph Smith is not like THOSE two nut cases!" you might exclaim.  "He didn't murder or hurt anybody like THEY did!"

And we would have to say, actually, Smith might be worse.  Where Charles Manson and Jim Jones were able to influence and lead astray only several to a several hundreds of souls . . . Joe Smith is responsible for leading MILLIONS of souls to destruction!  And by-the-way, he did also kill and hurt people.  We know he at least shot and killed two people in the act of being "martyred" (how many other "martyrs" do you know of that killed people as they were going down?) and he is suspected of being tied to several killings at the hands of Porter Rockwell and the avenging Mormon vigilante Danite cadre . . . and if you read the accounts of the men and women Smith affected through his philandering sexual (plural marriage) escapades . . . along with his financial dealings that bankrupted many . . . and various swindles and leadings into hardships (of the early Mormons) . . . he actually hurt quite a few people . . . and that's not counting the millions that have followed in the wake of his concocted and false doctrines and enslaving church/cult rules since!

However . . . until your spiritual eyes are truly opened, you cannot see or understand this. . . . We just look like mean, judgmental, kind of wacky, "bible thumpers" . . . "anti-Mormons" . . . "fundamentalists" . . . "fanatics" . . . .

Whereas, in fact, we are trying to save you from destruction.  We are commanded to preach the Gospel--the Gospel that was never lost, never needed to be "restored" . . . as there has always been a remnant of God's people in the earth . . . and He said the gates of Hell would NOT prevail against His Word . . . and we MUST try to reach you, if we can, even if it means we are ostracized, shunned, called names, ignored, black-mailed, persecuted . . . for His Name's sake. . . . It is not out of hate but out of love and concern for your souls that we say something sometimes.  Not always; we are led by the Spirit when and when not to speak, which we don't always get right . . . we make mistakes . . . and are not always perfect (if ever) in our approach, means, style of addressing the very, very, very serious matter. . . . But we have to try.

We see you marching off a cliff, led by a deceived and deceiving pied piper and the stakes are high--the highest stakes of any that are experienced in this world, this reality--eternal salvation . . . or eternal punishment.  We have studied and prayed and searched the thing out.  Have you?  The evidence is ample and easily obtained.  Only willful ignorance (or in being mind-controlled) could explain why a person being confronted with these serious accusations would not at least search them out--make some effort--to prove them wrong or right.

Relying on a "feeling" that "the church is true" is not enough.  That is absurd when the stakes are so high, so serious.  Especially when it has been told to you that the BIBLE teaches that we are not to trust our "feelings"--that "the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked"!

It would be the most UN-loving thing, UN-caring thing we could do . . . if, according to our own beliefs and understanding . . . we saw you in peril, and you were a friend or loved one or even acquaintance . . . and saw you marching to your sure destruction . . . and we said nothing, did nothing, because we were afraid of "hurting feelings" or offending someone. . . .

OF COURSE we must speak sometimes--must say or try to do something.  It would be heartless, indefensible, irresponsible, cowardly and more . . . if we stood by, content with our own saving (by the grace of God) and shrugged off the rest. . . .

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Mark said...

Matthew 12:31,32
31"Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. 32"Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.

Blasphemining the"worlds"god(lucifer) is a complete different thing and will draw pesecution.

I am the "worlds" antichrist.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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