Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Answer To The Assault

I am suspecting there is a massive attack underway . . . lately more than ever . . . targeting the area where we communicate with and feel the presence of God.  It is something like a jamming of the frequency. . . . I believe it is being done on the physical level, with technology, where some type of instrument can disrupt or block the operation of the brain and mind where the brain and mind would normally receive spiritual impulses, communications . . . and it is being done through vast and deep manipulation of consciousness through deception, mis-direction, propaganda--in a word "lies"--on every level of social media. . . .

To the individual . . . it feels as if you no longer "hear" God . . . "hear" or "feel" the Spirit.  You feel cut off, isolated, left alone, although you still believe.  It is alarming and meant to be.  It is also meant to get you "off topic", away from thoughts and feelings and interaction with the Lord and left to wander in a mental and emotional space of various lies and fantasies . . . caught drifting around in the enemy camp.

It is also meant to make you doubt.  Do I really believe in God, in the Bible?  Is there something else, some better nuance I've been missing?  Am I really saved, "born again"?  Do I even care anymore?

How do you fight through this attack--this massive coordinated assault of the enemy?

Another ploy being used is to cause you to start questioning the purpose of your life.  Has it all been a waste?  Have you been thwarted from your dreams, your destiny?  Then follows a new prompting to retake your abandoned goals . . . but note, if you look carefully and honestly, you will see that these are nothing more than sinful self-seeking . . . though may be disguised as service, art, or some other "important" contribution to society, to the world. . . .

Inspiration, motivation, hunger and thirst for the true things of God seem dim, faded, lost, gone. . . . While the disguised self-pursuits suddenly bring at last some new vigor that was lacking.  However, if you scrape the surface, you will discover resentment and anger are the actual fuels to the new tack. . . .

Tricks, deception, lies, illusion, delusion, mis-direction, compromise. . . . These are the weapons of the adversary and they are profoundly ubiquitous and insidious. . . .

Beware the subjective urges and interpretations to "change things up". . . .

OBJECTIVE truth is the great friend and light out of the evil morass. . . .

So, how to fight through this suffocating blitzkrieg?

Beware . . . the answer will provoke a slight repulsion and aversion and seeming loss of energy.  You will immediately be tempted to run to another distraction . . . to get energy from the lies which do have some temporary lift. . . .

Note . . . that sudden sense of aversion and sinking feeling . . . when hearing the answer . . . is the false you, the "old man" . . . the one of "Egypt" fighting for its "life".  But it is actually dead, though still kicking, twitching and it craves one last round, some final gasps and the Enemy (vainly) hopes to use it to tear you aware from God's care. . . .

The answer . . . as always . . . is the Gospel.

What is the Gospel?  Many don't know, many forget. . . .

Sometimes it is good to review what the Gospel is NOT:

The gospel is not behavior modification, becoming a "better person" or learning to become more moral.
The Gospel is not the telling of nice-sounding stories, or personal experiences.
The Gospel is not a way (in other words, a system) to follow.
The Gospel is not how we feel about things. Some depend on their emotions to tell them they are in   the right way or are hearing the truth. The Bible never speaks about feeling truth. Feelings are a most undependable guide—they vary from hour to hour and person to person.
The Gospel is not something unfinished which is yet being completed. Salvation depends, not on what we do for God, but on what He has done for us. It depends on the finished work of the Lord Jesus on the cross—a perfect and complete work.
The Gospel is not an example of how to live in order to be right with God. Nor is the Gospel a demand that we give God "our very best."
The Gospel is not the "church in the home."
The Gospel is not a "way" of ministry.
The Gospel is not an excuse to impose traditions of men and standards of outward appearance.
The Gospel is not your testimony.
The Gospel is not the Bible.
The Gospel is not repentence.
The Gospel a demand that you give up the world, that you give up your sins, that you break off bad habits, and try to cultivate good ones.
The Gospel is not a supernatural experience.
The gospel is not an act of kindness.
The Gospel is not water baptism.
The Gospel is not "surrender your life to Christ."
The Gospel is not "give your heart to Jesus."
The Gospel is not "choose life."
The Gospel is not "invite Jesus in to your life."
The Gospel is not "You must do the will of God to be saved."
The Gospel is not  "I am asking you to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord."
The Gospel is not "Turn over your life to Christ."
The Gospel is not your spiritual experience.
The Gospel is not the Ten Commandments
The Gospel is not trying to be the "best you can be."
The Gospel is not "your best life now."
The Gospel is not being healed.
The Gospel is not a recitation of theological truths.
The Gospel is not man's "free will."

The Gospel IS an objective, statement of fact:

It is "the royal announcement that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, lived a perfect life in our place, died a substitutionary death on the cross for our sins, rose triumphantly from the grave to launch God’s new creation, and is now exalted as King of the world.  This announcement calls for a response: repentance (mourning over and turning from our sin, trading our agendas for the kingdom agenda of Jesus Christ) and faith (trusting in Christ alone for salvation)."  (from Trevon Wax)

This the Gospel, the "good news" . . . to be proclaimed to the world.

Recalling the Gospel then puts all things into proper perspective.  It is very simply then whether one believes It or not.  If you don't then you will continue down the "humanist" path which leads to destruction.  There are really only two religions in the world:  1) human attainment and, 2) Divine accomplishment.  "Do" versus . . . "Done".

Regardless of how you are feeling, whether you feel or "hear" the Spirit presently or not--if the enemy is "jamming" your spiritual communications or not . . . just go to the Gospel.  Recall that objective, statement of Truth, of historical fact!

Then it does not matter what stage in your spiritual development (sanctification) you are at, if you are temporarily stalled or not.  If you believe in Christ, in the Gospel--TRULY believe it--the rest will follow and you are saved.  That's it!  Stunning GOOD NEWS!  All of the armies of Satan, ghouls and worldly murderers, liars and thieves alike . . . CANNOT snatch you from the Lord's protection.  He promised He will not lose A SINGLE ONE that the Father has given Him!

Do not be distracted from this.  Recall it often.  Revel in it.  Proclaim it. . . .

THAT is the "answer" to any and all current and future oppression.


Mark said...


For the LORD had said unto Moses, Say unto the children of Israel, Ye are a stiffnecked people: I will come up into the midst of thee in a moment, and consume thee: therefore now put off thy ornaments from thee, that I may know what to do unto thee.

"I(God)will come up in the midst of thee(Israelite,you)in a moment,and consume thee"(Israelite,you).

The key word being "consumed".Depending on which bibble this piece of scripture varies and leaves all kinds of room for error in teaching.

I defind consume:

Taken in

Enthralled with
Enamored with
In awe of
Submitted to
Moved to humbleness of
In love with
Overun with
Overtaken with

Some versions have come and destroy thee.Why would a God of love destroy?Unless he destroys the former "thee".This would indicate that there is a change in "thee"(you) and you will know it when "it" happens.This occurred for me at "the rock".I was litterly on my face in awe.

A good example of "consumed" is when one is consumed with grief.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I needed that!


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