Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Stop The Insanity!"

I like the hard questions. . . . The ones that apologists and other would-be defenders stutter and stumble over when asked. . . .

I believe in the whole of God's Word; it is in the seeming conundrums and paradoxes and offensive (to unbelievers) fronts where I find the biggest clues to His actual character and reality. . . .
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Can you imagine if there had been a "mass mainstream media" in the time of Joshua and the conquest of Canaan back around 1300 B.C.?  

Well, as there is "nothing new under the sun", there no doubt was a type of "mass media", whereby word got around about current events, catastrophe's, various "heroes and villains".

Life was carrying on as usual . . . folks having children, raising them, educating them in the ways of the culture. . . . There were poorer areas where the daily workers grumbled and strove . . . and villas where the wealthy had sumptuous feasts and enjoyed exotic entertainments . . . music, art, crafts and religion. . . . There was a people round about the hills by the beautiful sea there . . . who were minding their own business, trading and warring and marrying amongst one another . . . when reports started coming in about a fanatical group of interlopers who intended to dislodge them from their homes and cities. . . .

"What?  They are led by a madman who claims divine right to come and conquer and take our land?  Who are these strangers?  They come in from the wilderness , ragged and spouting cosmic nonsense about their "promised land"--OUR land--which they threaten now to steal while plundering and murdering our women and children all along the way?  What is this insanity!  They claim superiority over us according to their God's commands?  What madness!  Backward barbarians they are!  We will fight and put an end to this foreign insanity!"

Then came frantic reports of a slaughter.  The great city of Jericho had fallen, apparently due to some high form of witchcraft . . . and then the "occupiers" went about  putting to the sword every man and woman, young and old, cow and sheep!

(to be continued)

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