Sunday, August 10, 2014

False Piety and Crusaders

Yes the fight is with the truth versus the lie . . . and as it relates to real world events . . . in specific places . . . at specific times--in this world of space and time.  There are many arm-chair theoreticians who propound grand principles of "non-violence" and love to speak in the abstract about being masters of fear . . . who would crumble into simpering, groveling traitors if they had to face in reality what thousands of Christians are facing right now:  their lives, their wives, their husbands, their children, all they love and cherish being confronted by real men holding guns and machetes and lighter fluid, snarling, demanding "submission" or else. . . .

Cowardice hiding behind self-righteous false piety is what I mostly see in those who condemn any and all self-defense against attacks.  I imagine myself in such a situation:  hundreds of poor, frightened, dis-armed believers have run to a distant desert village, running for their lives ahead of a blood-lusting, demonic hoard of fighters of the "religion of peace".  The families, followers of Christ flee in terror to escape massacre . . . to an ancient village so old and established as to be mentioned in the Old Testament.  They cower, they wait . . . then the marauders arrive.  "Convert or die!" they yell along with "Allahu Akbar" as they seize control of the town, and round up the terrified refugees and villagers.  The attackers rush to looting homes and buildings, desecrating holy structures . . . then start the beheadings and torture of men, women and children.  Just like the millions of believers who have been and still are locked in Godless, communist prisons and gulags, daily beaten, humiliated, tortured--oh how they long for a rescuing army to arrive and bring justice!  If you were one of the captives how relieved you would be to see an army of Crusaders arriving to defend and protect you.  I suspect that in nearly all cases the would-be pacifist would shout for joy along with the rest as he saw fierce, righteous men riding in to protect and his wife and daughter who were just about to be raped, beaten and tortured to death.  [in the case of the ancient Biblical town of Sadan, Syria it was not Crusaders who arrived but at least the Syrian army finally came and drove out the Jihadists who did manage to murder 45 of the people there of the hundreds of families who otherwise were brutally assaulted.]

Much secular propaganda has been foisted on the public mind about the Crusades, by the way.  The Crusaders were sinners like us all, but, speaking of the fight between lies and truth, it is a big lie of history that they were fought primarily for financial gain and plunder.  Just as is happening now and has since the advent of the Satanic "religion of peace" . . . Jihadis were systematically destroying Christian villages and towns all through the Middle East, slaughtering Christians by the thousands, holding Jerusalem captive and the cries of the believers were finally heard in Europe.  The leading nobles who led the initial crusades funded their ventures from their own holdings.  It was expensive and many of them lost their lives and all they had owned to go and attempt the rescue and protection of the violently oppressed Christians of the Holy Land.  As there are charlatans and self-seekers amongst any group, wheat and tares side-by-side, so too were there many sincere, Godly warriors among the bunch who selflessly traveled and gave their all to help protect and defend their fellow believing brothers and sisters. 

"By a.d. 732, a century later, Christians had lost Egypt, Palestine, Syria, North Africa, Spain, most of Asia Minor, and southern France. Italy and her associated islands were under threat, and the islands would come under Muslim rule in the next century. The Christian communities of Arabia were entirely destroyed in or shortly after 633, when Jews and Christians alike were expelled from the peninsula. Those in Persia were under severe pressure. Two-thirds of the formerly Roman Christian world was now ruled by Muslims."

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mark Anderson said...

this is why God is not a religion.Man creates congregations or religions.

It has to do with"I will have NO! False idols or deieties be for me".The most of religions are there in flesh and being taught by false idols..

how God chooses to make this point is his business. the point will be understood!

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