Friday, July 18, 2014

Those Who Honor Terrorists

I see the Marxist terrorist (Mandela) is being honored today on google. . . .

Nice timing, as South Africa, led by his terrorist comrades in the ANC is about to descend into a state of orchestrated genocide against the whites there.  The white farmers and whites everywhere in S.A. are going to see what it was like to be Tutsi in the Rwandan genocide which the U.N. and everyone else stood by and watched happen. . . . I'm afraid this coming pogrom in "liberated" communist South Africa will serve as template for the U.S. 
"Oh, that would never happen here!  American citizens will not target and turn on each other!"

Ahh . . .  but the demonization and dehumanizing of a particular group is already well into the initial stages--a pattern long used by demonic tyrants.  Of course, we watch as the "tea party", "patriots", "Christian white males" . . . etc. are being dehumanized in the media and made to be enemies of the state.  When the SWAT teams and anti-terror officials teach and train, they do not train against theoretical Jihadists, but against "right wing, white, militia/patriot" types. . . .

Google is doing its part today. . . .

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Mark said...

You mean the church of the"tea party" or the church of the "patriot,or the church of the "white male".

It's a commandment...."no false idols".How God eliminates these idols(churches) is not my business.

Remember in exodus33 looseing ones ornaments or affiliations

God will have his people and he will be their God right.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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