Saturday, July 12, 2014

THE Answer To The Madness....

To my mind there is only one sure answer to the many problems now vexing society and "the country" at large. . . .

First, a rough recap of the situation:  The evil globalists are putting their finishing touches on the superstructure of the coming attempted one-world government/economy and the demolishing of sovereign borders has always been a key component of their plan.  They are protecting borders and maintaining state sovereignty in those places where they want to raise or hold fast a particular state's economic status while erasing borders on those states they need to bring down to the (lowest common) level of the others already firmly under their control.  [Thus, the "advanced" "Western" ("1st world") states such as America and those in Europe are having their borders be porous, allowing massive influxes of "3rd world" "refugees" to enter and take up residency while countries already firmly in the grip of the global cabal have strict controls.]

In America, the massive invasion of so-called "children" illegally entering the country includes many who are not "children" at all but rough, military-age young men--militants, terrorists, drug cartel agents, gang members etc.  These will not only be a new voting army finally obliterating the already tenuous hold to power by "red" (Republican/"conservative") states . . . but an actual "5th column" army of revolutionaries ready to wreak havoc (and fulfill the dark vision of my 1989-written song "Violence In The Suburbs") when the scripted "civil war" breaks out.

The Evil Cabal will, unfortunately, control both sides in the coming civil war so while it will appear that there is hope for a patriotic resurgence, the whole thing will be mostly controlled by agent provocateurs and infiltrators at the top levels.  Already, the "patriot" groups are deeply infested by subversive agents of the Cabal and many sincere and well-meaning citizens will be betrayed and led to slaughter by these wicked traitors when the riots and unrest get into full swing. . . .

The answer is not force, deportation, stricter controls--although this would work if allowed to; but these things will not be allowed except so far as to increase tension, friction, conflict between all parties involved. . . . No, sadly, the invasion will continue, the borders will be mostly open, as society is leveled such that the "1st world" can be merged with the "3rd world"--fully socialist countries merged with the (now nominally) "free market" so that the one-world government can take control over all.  According to the KGB/globalist elite-designed strategy this is called "convergence", and has been planned and being implemented for a long time . . . and now, merely in the "final phase" (another term of art used by the conspirators.)

All of culture is part of the "total war" strategic methodology.  The arts, education, news, entertainment, social programs etc., are under their control and being used together to guide the whole into the (Satanic/"humanist") Utopian scheme.

The answer to it all . . . is the Gospel.  What is to be done?  Evangelize the Gospel.  This is the only thing that could change the situation.

For instance, consider the invasion of potential militants pouring in now through the border and with the covering help of the regime. . . . What is the one thing that could alter the violent and hateful intent of these militants who are now being put in place to cause terror and chaos?  The Gospel.  Imagine a gang of these thugs ready to kill, steal and destroy . . . but the leader of said group . . . suddenly Sees the Light, gets saved/born again . . . and affects the others to follow.  Now that gang is transformed from soldiers of the devil into soldiers for Christ.  Anyone truly born again . . . immediately begins to regenerate, turning away from their old, hateful, violent, God and people-hating self . . . into one seeking healing, love, charity, grace. . . . . .

Same as would pertain to those in "the media" who are currently creating all manner of vile, anti-Christian, anti-American, perverse, degenerate films, music, art. . . . Change their hearts and minds with THE GOSPEL . . . and they can no longer pursue those devious ends!

What should a believer's response be in times such as these?  Same as it ever was.  Live, preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Yes, some are led also to be involved in social and political avenues of action on the mundane, temporal level, and this is fine.  But all in all, the only real change that will and can have true, lasting value . . . is the changed hearts, souls, minds . . . of people who awaken to THE call of God, putting aside the things of this world, in service to the next, where citizens of Heaven, while in this world, live, preach and teach the eternal Word of God!

This is also the answer personally for anyone looking at the dire state of affairs, depressed, anxious, fearful etc., of what is taking place and what is obviously coming--and that is, to be always looking to the cross, to Jesus, remembering The Gospel--the Good News above all!  Not superficially, not just with a brief intellectual nod and assent--but deeply, emotionally, wholly, spiritually!  Recalling the very purpose of this world and the way it has gone (to glorify the Son, to glorify the living God) and that He has designated a People for Himself in the midst of all the reprobates and fallen evil . . . and that there is "nothing new under the sun" . . . as the world has always been so . . . and that the pinnacle of the drama is the death, burial and resurrection of the Son of God--THE GOSPEL--then whatever the fleeting madness and mayhem, a disciple of the Lord's heart can maintain grace and poise and gratitude in the midst.  Our job is not to "save countries" but to save souls!  Staying focused on this and not being caught up in the (literally) insane rabbit trails of the perplexed and anxious . . . is the course to follow above all.

It is a sin to doubt--to become overly anxious, fretful, doubtful, fearful during these events--because it shows lack of faith that God is in control and shows doubt that He has got the best and most perfect of intentions for your life, whether you understand His ways and means or not.  We are to trust God, even when all is appearing as in an out-of-control shambles.

The simple and profound answer to ALL present crises and chaos . . . IS THE GOSPEL!

If this does not bring you comfort . . . or remains dim . . . or you are not really seeing it that way . . . or find yourself half-doubting such a claim, you need to repent and ask God to reveal it to you.  There is no preparation more important than this at this time.

With a real, firm and enthusiastic grip on the truth of this proposition, ANY of the present threats and challenges and eventualities befalling you . . . can and will be kept in their proper role and perspective.  In a sense, you become untouchable, invincible IN HIM, FOR REAL, through all that the evil one(s) have to throw at you.  Do not be led astray or let yourself drift through laziness in the matter.  THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO BE SEEKING OR DOING right now than understanding and "owning" this command and purpose of God for your life.  When some say "God has a special purpose for your life" . .  . THIS is what that purpose is!  Not some self--seeking dream or ambitious, vain fantasy or coveting of status, money, position. . . . All of this other stuff . . . is garbage, puerile, waste, "dust in the wind". . . . And you have got to get into a position internally, where this view, this understanding is daily visceral, real, and your greatest treasure among your "preparations".  Seek it earnestly and valiantly, and He will reward you. . . .

"But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ, and may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith,…"--Phil. 3:7-9

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Mark said...

Apon that rock is the first symbol and it is the X runic symbol .This symbol represents a "unity" and take this simply as unified under and in Jesus Christ/God.this symbol also represents "gift" in a holy spirit filled life is a gift from God.

To the contrary there's the mormon/masonic "the south will rise again" rebel flag X.The thing abou the mormon /masonic is they love the pharos and their pyramids. The problem is pyramids are for the DEAD!

So the choice is life or death.A individual choice!

LOL! There is big rock up on a mountain in Utah with a rebel flag painted on it.(getit).

Oh,a little local history the world never get to see.At the battle of pea ridge, Albert and his troops suffered a great defeat and pike was sent away in embarrassment.An entire brigade was formed from the Cherokee and this brigade sided with the nort and literally scalped a number of pikes troops.

They now burn rebel flags here in Akansa!
Just an unknown version of the hebrews fighting pharos armies on their way to inherit the land!

Brother Thomas ©2015

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