Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Never Forget!

It really can't be remembered enough, for we are so constantly prone to sliding into delusion and forgetfulness. . . .

And it is most helpful to be recalled in times such as these when traitors and liars and the perverse abound on all sides with glee attacking all the is good, Godly and just. . . .

It is all too easy to slip quickly into despair and resentment and even anger and hate, which then unsettles the soul, disturbs the mind and enwraps the heart in blackness. . . .

As in, you look about and see so many fools rushing headlong to destruction--cheering and voting it on, taking the whole ship with them, and truth and reason and righteousness are not only so ubiquitously lacking, but are even aggressively attacked!  The inmates are running the asylum!  The most ignorant and ignoble rise to the top!

"In a time of universal deceit . . . telling the truth is a revolutionary act"  --Orwell

So how is one not to be consumed with grief, anger and a spirit of vengeance while being subjected to the ongoing madness and descent into deliberate anarchy and tyranny?

Recall always: "There but for the grace of God go I."

Agitation to your mind, heart and soul comes when you observe the insanity and think, "Why can't these fools see what's going on!  I can see it!  I have got it figured out!"  The follows a gnawing self-righteousness and sense of superiority and loathing against the dangerous idiocy that abounds; but mostly a subtle pride in being above the ignorance--of being better than the derelicts, perverts and wretched hypocrites and megalomaniacs running the show and the blind, dumb supporters following the demonic oligarchy to obvious devastation and doom.

Were you just smarter?  More spiritual?  Is that why you can see what's going on while others are maddeningly duped?

No.  It is only because of God's sovereignty and grace that you have been given the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  You were just as wicked and foolish as they before you were saved.  Nothing you ever are or did earned you the blessed rescue.  It is ALL because of God's own purposes and will that He chose you out of the chaos and delivered you from the wrath extant and that much more to come.

Remember this always . . . and it helps you to suffer the fools with grace.  As you were forgiven, so should you forgive.  He saved you while you were yet a sinner.  "None seek God" so . . . always recall that the fact that you have and do . . . is only because of His perfect and good pleasure that you are not to be found among that awful horde gleefully charging to the Pit. . . .

Praise God always, for His will is being done in ALL things and working to the good for those that love Him!  


Mark said...

"I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy".

The pride comes in when the one shown mercy calls others stupid,dumb.I tend to go with the unknowing .With me it's looking for comformation or is anyone seeing what I'm seeing.If I ever come across as prideful it's not my intent .I'm not in the habit of calling Gods creation(people) stupid.

Thank you lord for haveing mercy on my soul and for the gift of eye's and ears.

I try to come from a place of Say......did you know?

Amen Never forget!

Linda L. said...

I just feel grief stricken for my Christian friends who seem to think that the LDS church is Christian and are so drawn to it. My classmate whom I had the big blowout with, I've just been in deep mourning over. I pray that God will reveal the truth to her and open her eyes. That fiance of hers really worries me, though he's left the LDS church. It's so important for people to investigate some new belief for themselves and study God's word for themselves so they won't be deceived. Don't just take somebody else's word for what the Bible says, no matter how close to one that person is, or how much that person is admired. After seeing church leadership deceived and allowed a watered down false gospel to come into a church that was a true light in the community and one I had loved and been so active in, was heart wrenching. I don't put faith in human beings, but God, so I left that one several years ago.

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