Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Geocentric Kerfuffles

 People have a real hard time recognizing their own presuppositions.  This is most obvious in Christian vs. atheist debates where the atheists simply, profoundly cannot seem to recognize that the DO have a "worldview"--a presuppositional lens that there is no God, no supernatural . . . through which they filter all their analysis and reasoning.  I find that a lot of Christians who are aware of false atheistic presuppositions are also prone to presuppositions of their own which go unnoticed and unexamined.  I find this especially evident when I bring up Geocentrism with them.  Without realizing it, many Christians have assumed the validity of the Copernican/Galileo promoted Heliocentric "worldview" . . . along with assuming the validity of Einsteinian-based relativity THEORY, quantum THEORY etc.  Just as secular types, "scientific naturalists" and the like ASSUME the validity of the THEORY of evolution, black holes, "dark matter" etc.

Matt Slick, a well-known reformed Christian apologist and pastor has a radio show that airs on our local Christian station, which our whole family really enjoys, had one of his regular guest hosts take over the show recently while Matt was away. . . . Randy Reams (another Idahoan pastor) is the fellow, and good chap at that who does wonderful work ministering in the Philippines on occasion.

Anyway, Randy was filling in for Matt and had on as a guest a friend of his who is a science teacher/professor . . . and I felt led to call the show and address Geocentrism with them.

It was a fun call, though I think I got their "goat" a bit as I exposed some of the aforementioned (I would suggest faulty) presuppositions pertaining to Geo/Helio-centrism black holes, relativity etc., and I was kinda surprised at how flustered Randy suddenly got (he's a very mellow guy normally, heh) . . . . but uh . . . yeah . . . this is a most intriguing topic to me and I am more convinced than ever, as the SCIENCE continues to confirm, that the Geocentric model is correct AND Biblical.

My call starts at about 25:00 minutes into the show and I was on for about 17 minutes. . . .

Here are two different links to the podcast which aired on July 3rd though posted on July 8.......God's blessings upon you!


Anonymous said...

Really good show and discussion Brother Thomas.

I would love to ask them the simple question.

How can a time lapsed camera show every star in the night sky rotating synchronously around the Earth?

When science types respond to these very serious questions, I often think of CHICO MARX in duck soup. "Who are you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?" lol.

This was actually the shows response to your questions.

God Speed Brother.


Lee in TN said...

Great phone call into the show Bro T! Their presuppositions were quite stubborn and I think it shows how thick the mind control has been. These scientific theories that the guest teacher is so convinced of - even while saying evolution is a false, atheistic theory, and that he claims to be a 'creation scientist' - he could not disprove your points, instead only regurgitating his learned models and theories, even though most visual evidence and aeronautic practices really do prove Geocentrism. And to his point about observing the Earth rotate if you were on the Space Station - that thing makes about 15 orbits of the Earth each day, so of course it would look like the Earth is spinning except it is the Space Station traveling at over 17,000 mph to achieve that.

Blessings to you and the family. Prayers for Skylar! - Lee

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