Sunday, July 27, 2014

Look Who's Holding Hands

It occurs to me from time to time . . . as I see the collection, ehh..... army of those arrayed against the traditional, Bible-believing Christian view. . . . .I see the stark and simple contrast.........

I am, admittedly, generalizing . . . and there are exceptions to be found . . . but for the most part I am confident that this list is farily accurate. . . .
What list?
Well below, I have listed a number of groups, ideologies, agendas and people who . . . you could easily see gathered together in solidarity protesting this or that . . . or each others' causes--folks of a similar mindset . . . and with a common enemy at the base of it all I contend.
In fact, you WILL see many of these groups collected together at various rallies and protests, shouting vulgarities and insults, linked in common cause attacking . . . usually . . . America . . . Israel . . . or some "conservative" or "traditionalist" target . . . and I would say all of them are fundamentally anti-Christian and anti-Bible.

Just to give a rough idea of the sides that seemed to be formed and solidifying . . . I have put all those in this common cause on the left . . . . . versus the primary target of all (once you boil it all down) on the right.  The list is only partial, as there are multitudes of these groups, people and agendas . . . all aiming for the destruction and elimination of the Biblical worldview and position. . . .(which they also . . . rightly recognize a main basis for the traditional "American" worldview and position established by the Founders). . . . . 
And I know not every group on the list would necessarily agree with the others in all things, but IN GENERAL they are sympathetic to one another's causes and you will often see them holding hands, aiming their attacks and vitriol at one particular group/worldview........
Notable, eh?

"Pro-choice"/pro-abortion/feminists                 VS.                         Bible-Believing Christians
militant pro-homsexuality/LGBTQ                                                 (also American patriots, traditional
pro-illegal immigration activists                                                        family advocates, the "tea party",
pro-"Amnesty" groups                                                                        & originalist Constitutionalists)
anti-Semitic/anti-Israel groups
"left-wing radicals"
"mainstream media"
militant pro-Islamists
militant atheists
Common Core
"anti-patriarchical" activists
"pro-diversity" activists
radical environmentalists
drugs-sex and rock'n'rollers"
Democratic Party/platform
sexual/moral libertines
anti-"traditional family" groups
"hate America crowd"
Obama Administration
"No Borders" groups
New Agers
left-wing Catholic activists/priests
anti-free speech college activists/students
Black Liberationists
Black Panthers
Nation of Islam/Farrakan
"Free Palestine" protestors
radical "performance-artists"
Ivy-League/elite Marxists professors
George Soros
Hillary & Bill Clinton
"anti-nuke peace protestors"
La Raza
CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations)
left-wing journalist hacks
Animal Liberation Front
Pro-Darwin Evolutionists
liberal "Christian" denominations
"Occupy Wallstreet"/"Occupy" Mvmnt.
Bill Ayers/Weather Underground
Freedom From Religion Foundation
moral relativists
Azatlan Movement
Reparations for slavery mvmnt.
Al Gore
Southern Poverty Law Center
Saul Alinskyites
NWO Globalists
left-wing violent "revolutionaries"
NOW (Nat. Org. for Women)
NARAL (pro-abortion group)
Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade
Green Party
Code Pink
Catholics For Choice
FEMEN (radical topless feminist activists)
Pol Pot
Hugo Chavez
the demon-possessed
the devil

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