Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Correction and note

correction re last blog should be "V" and Jim GARROW (not Garrison)....

Other "intel" is purportedly saying the same thing... watch out for "malls" and a Nairobi mall-style terror hit (Sept. 21, 2013) ..... only by the dozens simultaneously.... I don't see why this is too far out to expect.  The southern border is wide open, the border patrol pulled back some 40 miles, there ammunition taken away (for a year more I heard)..... OF COURSE all the "enemies" we've been creating the past while are pouring in to wreak revenge . . . aided by "enemies within"...

I remember the signs and evidences of the 2008 economic crash piling up prior . . . to such a point that I could see (and told many at the time) it was inevitable that the thing was going to implode; at a certain measure, there's no way it CAN'T.... This situation re the border and possible enemy infiltrators has that same look and feel.   It's not a matter of if but when... and where so many things are kicking off in a big way... it is appearing obvious at this stage . . . that something is going to go down... It also fits what I "saw" and wrote about--predicted in those early posts.....

So, I guess beware... be cautious... be observant where you are when in large public situations.....
And most of all, of course, stay close to the Lord, pray often, keep faithful and even exultant in His sovereign rule, that ALL will work to the good for those who love Him......God bless

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Mark said...

God as my whitness

Not even one!

From the presedent down to the ordinary citizen

From pope to parishioner

Not even one of these speak or pray in condemnation of the crimes against the innocent children in Gaza.So if these are not against it you must be for it.

So America! get what you have comming.I can confirm it will come through the youth.i would also watch the contagens and destruction by means of the "natural" Type.

Ironically the U.N is the only speaking out against the crimes and for this the U.N. is suffering attacks(persecution) from the IDF(Netanyahu/massonic)for condeming these crimes and protecting palistinians and their children.So this has worldwide implications .Netanyahu is a literal(Physical/flesh)Zionist.

America had better start condeming this or its going to hurt this nation tremendously.

This is not the time for complacency in our self involved lives.

God bless and keep,

Brother Thomas ©2015

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