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compare and contrast

 below are some excerpts from a great site that shows up the big differences between the blasphemous, enslaving, man-made cult of Mormonism vs. Biblical Christianity
Are there other Gods? There are many Gods for other worlds, and each God is equal to the God of this world in terms of His nature.
There are many gods who create and rule over other worlds, and on those worlds, worship excludes the God of our world. So there is only one God for us, and this God is typically referred to as the Heavenly Father. Mormons may also speak of the term "God" in reference to "the Godhead," which is a team of separate Gods (McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, 576-7; Joseph Fielding Smith, ed., The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 346-7 [pre-2002 edition]; Abraham 4:1, Pearl of Great Price; Gospel Principles, 245 [1997 edition], and 302; "God," LDS Bible Dictionary; and Blake Ostler, "Review of The Mormon Concept of God: A Philosophical Analysis by Francis J. Beckwith and Stephen E. Parrish," FARMS Review of Books [Provo, UT: FARMS, 1996], 99-146).
There is only one God for all worlds.
There is only one God who created and rules over everything in existence. LDS simply devalue and weaken God when they think that He did not create something like some other world (Genesis 1:1; Deuteronomy 4:39; 10:14; Nehemiah 9:6; Psalm 96:5; Isa. 40:12-26; 43:10; 44:6, 8, and 24; Jn. 1:1-3; and 17:3).
The Trinity? The Trinity means three separate Gods, who are one in their nature and become one in purpose.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three separate gods, who are one in purpose and nature, but not in a being they share eternally (Ibid; Fielding Smith, The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 372 [pre-2002 edition]). There was a time when the person of the Father (Elohim) was without the person of the Son (Jehovah) as His Son. Thus, there was a time in which Elohim was not the Father.
The Trinity means three inseparable Persons, who are eternally God in purpose, nature, and being.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three distinct or different persons, who are eternally and inseparably one in purpose, nature, and being (Ibid.; Isa. 48:12-7; Mt. 3:16; 4:10; and 28:16-20). So the Father is not the same person as the Son, and the Son is not the same person as the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is not the same person as the Father, but nonetheless, each Person eternally makes up the only Being of God there is.
Are humans and God the same nature or species? Humans and God are of the same nature or species.
The nature of these gods is identical to the nature of man, and as such, these humans had to become gods; they haven't always been gods (Fielding Smith, The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 345 [pre-2002 edition]; Thomas C. Romney, The Life of Lorenzo Snow, 46; D&C 76:23-4; and Abraham 3:18-28).
Humans and God are not of the same nature or species.
God has His own unique nature that man, a created being by definition and not the originator of literally everything else, cannot ever have. God is God by nature, and not by obtainment (Numbers 23:19-20; Ps. 90:2; Ezekiel 28:2 and 9; Hosea 11:9; Acts 14:15; Gal. 4:8; and 2 Pt. 1:3-4).
Does God in His nature have flesh and bones? God is an exalted man with flesh and bones.
God the Father and Jesus Christ have tangible bodies of flesh and bones, but the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit. Personages of spirit are still material with a certain form or shape, but they are not as tangible as the bodies of those who are sent to a mortal planet (Ibid.; D&C 130:22; 131:7-8; and "Spirit" in the LDS Bible Dictionary).
God is not an exalted man with flesh and bones.
Since He is the Creator of all things outside of Himself (e.g., the entire material universe), God is not limited to a body. He created matter, and does not need a body or anything else to operate anywhere in all of creation. He is all powerful, and as such, He can take any type of form or nature to show up any way He wants to (1 Kings 8:27; Jer. 23:24; Luke 3:22; and Jn. 4:21-4).
Can humans become Gods for other worlds as God is God for this world? Humans may become Gods for other worlds as God is God for this world.
Worthy Mormons may become gods to create, rule over and receive worship from their own worlds some day. They will do this exclusively as the god or the team of gods for that world or that set of worlds (like the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are for this world or this set of worlds), and thus the God of this world will not perform those functions there (Ibid; D&C 76:50-8 and 95, 132:15-23, 29, and 37; The Latter-day Saint Woman: Basic Manual for Women, Part A, Lesson 10: Eternal Marriage; and Gospel Principles, 302 [1997 edition]).
Humans cannot become Gods for other worlds as God is God for all worlds.
When all believers become what some Christians such as C. S. Lewis call "gods" in heaven (although the Bible never uses this language of glorified individuals), they are still dependent and human "gods," and not God by nature, who alone is eternally the Author and Sustainer of literally all that is outside Himself. He is the only God in this fundamental sense of the term (Ibid.; and Lewis, Mere Christianity [N.Y.: Macmillan, 1952], vi, 160, 172).


Linda L. said...

These are excellent. Unfortunately, my friend, probably former now, claims that the Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible as an additional revelation either. I believe that it does. I told her that they use the Bible to lure people into Mormonism, then switch them over to the Book of Mormon. NOo, but she denies this also. Indeed not as knowledgeable as she claims to be in her independent research.

Lee in TN said...

Thanks Bro T for your attention to this issue. And while I had never been influenced by Mormon false doctrine (their ideas did always seem kinda silly to me from what I had heard), it does illustrate that just being off even a little bit, and trying to make God 'fit' your own purposes and agenda is extremely dangerous to your soul and salvation and having a right relationship with the One True God.

Thanks and Blessings on America's Independence Day. We still have some freedoms right? :)

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