Thursday, July 10, 2014

Caballo de Troya 2014


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Mark said...

Do to Netanyahu loving his neighor or enemy because he's such a God fearing Jew/Mason the world sits complacenly by watching whats happening their in Israel.They must be for it if their not against it and "not one" spoke against it.

The church trained complacent christian american is in these "worlders" and in saying nothing have given concent for their own destruction of the American dream so I can confirm what your seeing bro.

Oh well the knight of the golden circle(an auxiliary of freemasonry lead by Albert pike the good little mormon boy) have long had plans with certain south american counties to form a new world odor in the south so pharo can have his slaves back.Yep the mexican slaves!

The good news is that in this mix of slaves are ancestors of cheif Sequoyah.Yep Sequoyah established a Cherokee Nation in Mexico and seeing that the Cherokee are Ashkinazi Jew and by scripiture Ashkinaz is supposed to "inherit" the land.

Oh, by the way down there at heavener where "the rock" and proporty marker are the local news made metion that the population of heavener is mostly hispanic and second native American.

So God is literally useing a bad(freemasonry) to accomplishing Gods goal/plan and fulfilling scripture.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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