Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The LDS Snake of Relativity Bites its Own

It's a big story around these parts. . . . Kate Kelly, the founder of the feminist group "Ordain Women" just got excommunicated from the LDS church.  She and her feminist pals have been agitating for "the brethren" to get a new revelation from God saying that women should be able to hold "the priesthood", which is currently only available to men.

This story is quite the object lesson on many different levels regarding the importance of Authority, and showing what happens when you are not anchored to the one and only true standard for everything in this life.

First off, the LDS church is in the wrong straight out of the gates in asserting that there is still a "priesthood" that people need to be ordained to, men or women.  Especially, the "Melchizedek" priesthood!  Just as they have brought back the temple and the veil (which Jesus tore down and rent) the LDS cult of Joseph Smith has brought back the law and priest-craft, where the Lord had them done away with.

1 Timothy 2:5-6: "For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all."  JESUS IS GOD'S ONLY AND FINAL SACRIFICE FOR OUR SINS AND ONLY AND FINAL HIGH PRIEST AND INTERCESSOR!

Jesus is also the last prophet, which is a problem for the LDS church where they teach that God is still speaking through a "prophet" today, and today's "prophet" can contradict past "prophets".  When it was convenient for "the church" to get rid of one of their most important beliefs and prescriptions for Celestial heaven (practicing polygamy) the "prophet" had a "revelation" that . . . well, not so much anymore.  Maybe later polygamy can be restored or in the afterlife, but going forward, anyone practicing polygamy in the LDS church is to be excommunicated.  [This was especially rich at the time of the "revelation", in 1890 when many of the top LDS "apostles" and leaders were still secretly practicing polygamy and continued to, and still do today, believe it or not.]

Another famous example of sudden, convenient "revelation" is, of course, allowing blacks to receive the "priesthood" in 1978.  Civil rights were a big issue, ongoing from the 60s, and the BYU football program was beginning to suffer because other accredited schools were refusing to play against an institution which openly "discriminated".  And VIOLA' ! . . . The "prophet" announced, in effect, that God changed His mind on the subject of blacks in the priesthood, and now its ok!  

So Kate Kelly is confused.  Why now, when "times are a'changin'", can't the brethren just go tell God He needs to get with the times, give a new "revelation" and ordain women into the priesthood?  It's worked before!

Ah, what peace there is, in adhering to the sure, unchanging Word of God, realizing HIS Authority in ALL things, and not to be tossed to and fro by trendy winds of doctrine, emotionalism, Marxist agendas and plain ol' Scratch himself.....!  

"Did God really say_____________?" the serpent hisses seductively. . . . 


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Linda L. said...

Where in Mormon doctrine does it say that Jesus and Satan are brothers? When is it taught to Mormons? Had an argument with a "follower of Christ" who says that her ex-Mormon friends and her own independent research say that this is not true, that they do not believe this. My ex-Mormon source (you) was not good enough. Her fiance once died and went to hell for 15 minutes. he was told to go to the Mormon church for awhile then he left it for some reason. He followed this entity from Hell's instructions. Don't know if he was a Christian before this or not. She does not believe that the Book of Mormon is supposed to be an additonal revelation to replace the Bible either. Says I just listen to other people too much. Please name a doctrinal source. She won't listen, but I want to know anyway. We had to "agree to disagree' over these teachings, the arguing got so hot.

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