Monday, June 16, 2014

Prayer request

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated today.  Skylar is going in for surgery to get his cochlear implant updated, and we are praying all goes well. . . . The one he has in there now is about 15 years old; they don't even make them any more and it is difficult to get replacement parts . . . plus it has not been working very well for a while.  They have made great improvements on the devices since he got his (one of the earliest ones ever implanted) and thankfully he still has a job where he has medical benefits.  We figured before that all changes once ObummerCare fully destroys all private insurance we best get him in and this taken care of.  The operation will be today . . . then he will come home with us later and recover for about 2-3 weeks.  In a month they will turn on the device and do the audio "mapping" to fine tune it.  We are hoping the sound quality is improved over his old one . . . and also this one is waterproof and not so sensitive to friction (which can ruin the delicate digital electronics) which is good because he cannot wear his current unit while working in the meat department due to sweating and moisture and friction. . . .

God bless, and trusting God always,
bro, t

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Ellen Short said...

Prayers that all goes well!

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