Friday, June 13, 2014

From Where Comes That Inclination?

A tad more on the last analogy. . . . Regarding the difference of soul/self-consciousness in a human versus a machine.  You might say, hey, that's a big difference!  And it is . . . in terms of awareness.  This is where I suggest we are but witnesses--individual points of awareness of God's glory.  But unless you are a pantheist (believing we ARE God at the core) then it is admitted our awareness is limited.  Now, we may be aware of a near limitless amount of possibilities, options etc., within the scope of our choices (of thought, action) such that it SEEMS like we are utterly "free" to choose anything without limit. . . . Nevertheless, we are still limited to ONLY the parameters of the nature God has set for us.  We cannot go outside that.
Thus, we do NOT have unfettered "free will".  If we did, it would mean there something outside of God's control which puts us BEYOND God.  Hence the temptation for some (ie., the unregenerate) to want to see things this way.  For, at base, our whole problem as the devil first prompted it . . . is in wanting to be gods ourselves; to be our own sovereigns. . . .
And, just like the computer mentioned, which seemed like a self-willed human, because it had within its design a near limitless amount of possible designer-programmed responses to changing situations, we too SEEM like we have "free will", independent of our Designer.

In all this, I am most fascinated by what is it in someone--what is that impulse, that desire, that inclination . . . which rejects this line of thought . . . wanting to see it that God's sovereign will is best shown in His relinquishing His sovereignty to glorify creatures' "free will" . . . vs. the one who wants (or just does) to see it that God's will is absolutely sovereign and the creature is wholly at His mercy and grace?


Lee in TN said...

Perhaps the answer to which way we are inclined, is also pre-programmed into us as well. While we each go through our own path of awareness of God, and acceptance of God, and levels of submission to God, I sometimes feel that as I learn, study, realize and ‘progress’ in His Word, that perhaps I finally just ‘catch up’ to a point of ‘remembering’ the Truth of what God put into my heart and mind to begin with. And that my current inclination and its level and timing and influence, was also predetermined and not based on anything I did, read or heard on my own. Since His Word as contained in the Biblical records is available to most people in Western civilization, yet there are so many levels of acceptance, understanding and doctrine, perhaps we just all end up believing in the way He gave us regarding His sovereignty, His grace and salvation, eternity and His creation. Or am I just stating the obvious (yet mysterious)?

Great subject! Blessings-

Mark said...

This is why I consider the ten commandments not so much as a law or as a set of perameters.

If any human would veiw the ten commands more as a set of guidlines to strive to live by.Though the will sin(fail) we forgive and keep trying.

Any good parent has to have some limits for their children right.

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