Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another Previous "Vision" Maybe Relevant Now

--"Meanwhile, the south western border of the U.S. is about to erupt into open insurgent warfare--the plight of "the illegals" will be tied to that of "state-less" Palestinians . . . . "  Posted 1-29-11

--"Years ago, back in the Lamb Cafe days, circa 2004-2005 . . . I said to expect one day the plight of "illegals" in the Southwest U.S. to become linked to ie., the plight of Palestinians in and around Israel; that the two diverse situations and issues . . . would start to be linked as similar . . . and eventually, the U.N. would be involved in the Southwest, agitating for global intervention . . . to help with the "refugees" . . . "undocumented workers" . . . displaced and in a similar sense "stateless" like the Palestinians."  --Posted 5-16-11


The above are a couple of blog entries I posted here a few years ago, one of them referring to some predictions I wrote in the good ol' "Lamb CafĂ©"--(Zeph Daniel's early online message board/gathering site for "lambs"/believers)--again from that initial born-again "visionary" period I went through where I saw a refugee type crisis being fomented on the southern border, to be used as a pretext to (finally) bring in the United Nations "peace keeping forces" into the country (from which they would never leave again). . . . .

Again, perhaps an interesting recall here, considering what is going on, along with the Iraq/Syria situation.  I'm wondering if it may be relevant that I "saw" both of these future developments at about the same time (around 2004-2005) . . . and that they both appear to be happening at the same time now......?.......(that is, if indeed the southern border refugee crisis does lead to some U.N. intervention)......

I do remember regarding the "Iraq being divided into 3 regions/governments" one . . . that at the time I believed it was going to be a "marker" of sorts in time .... something that I considered would signal the beginning of some really bad developments/events related to global war, "natural" disasters, and other similar and typically thought of "end times" "quickening" happenings.........so-to-speak..... :\

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