Monday, June 16, 2014

A Previous "Vision"

"For a couple of years I’ve been emphasizing Syria over Iran in terms of important triggers in the Mid East and suggesting that war with Syria would likely precede was with Iran. This came from a “vision” in the spring of ‘05 which also included a vision of Iraq split into three parts. Last show with Zeph I said to watch for this . . . the splitting of Iraq into three districts as a major signpost of events"


I wrote that in a blog a few years ago referring to some early interviews I did with Zeph Daniel when I first talked about a "visionary" period I went through just after being born again.  I had the "vision" in early 2005. . . .

It came to mind as I have been watching the present horrors in Iraq and some of the pundit discussion thereat. . . . They are showing maps on the news of Iraq split into 3 ethnic, religious regions now with the ISIS assault. . . .



Lee in TN said...

The Obama administration is urgently considering an air assault on Islamic extremists that officials told the Guardian could be directed at targets in Syria as well as Iraq.

Praying for the Lord's continued intervention - Lee

Mark said...

This is a man's world and a man's war.

Who's the author of death,chaos, and confusion?

Get away,......... I don't even know these(religions).God is not a religion people.

Brother Thomas ©2015

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